Our Life in Pictures

Just a life update.
In [mostly] picture form.

Bought the baby a basket to keep his toys in...doesn't care about the toys anymore because the basket is way more fun.

[Just watchin' March Madness with Daddy.]

[Family date.]
[We gave Jack some of the Double Chocolatey Chip.]

[Snuggling with Grandma Wallace]

[always sleeps face down now. silly baby]

[balances himself on furniture! big boy!]

["hey, mom, what's between these cushions?" - he peeked several times.]

[I stood him up. He balanced forever.]

[loves cousins]

[Leatherby's with the Wallace fam]

[Both bathtubs unavailable?
Just take a bath in the sink!]

[Watching ESPN while he spas]

[Kitty love.]

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