Sacramento Zoo

Last week T had TWO (count them...TWO) days off work!
Wait...actually FOUR. I meant two extra days!
For the first time in a long time he had Saturday and Sunday off
and they let him have Monday & Tuesday off after he worked 12-16 hour days for like 14 days straight.
Let me just say...Jack & I were beyond excited for some time with our favorite man!
Amid all the excitement I forgot to post about our fun time together. Fail.
On Monday Daddy suggested taking Jack to the zoo.
Prepare yourself...picture overload.

Daddy lifted Jack up to see over the Giraffe viewing point to see the tortoises below.
Not gonna lie - it freaked me out even though he was nowhere near going over the edge.
It freaks me out just looking at this picture.

Even though it was beautiful weather a lot of the animals were hiding or just being very lazy.
Jack only notices the animals if they move around a lot so he mostly just liked the flamingos who were making lots of noise!

Could not get this child to look at the camera.  The flamingos were just too entertaining.

Loves being on Daddy's shoulders.

Kind of hard to get Jack's face in that hole...

I know, I'm paste-y.

Reptile house. Pretty sure Jack is looking at nothing. He definitely could not see the snakes.

Jack is definitely not asleep in this picture.
I just happened to snap this right as Jack dropped his binky and T bent over with him to pick it up. Haha

We had a fun time at the zoo but T & I determined that maybe next time we will take Jack to the pound instead.  There are still animals in cages, they're very loud (which he loves) and it's FREE! And besides his very favorite animals are kitties so he'd probably love the pound even more than the zoo.
The only problem is I might want to take something home.  Pretty sure we don't have that problem at the zoo.

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