The Random.

The random pictures that don't get their own blog post
but need to be included for our blog book.
Basically this post is about nothing and everything at the same time.

Date night, yay!
Aunt Jamie watched Jack Jack for us while we went to play racquetball.
Used to play all. the. time. at BYU when the courts were FREE.
Had to pay $15 for an hour this night :[
Definitely worth the $15 even though I won zero games and T won 6.
Just so happy my knee felt GREAT during all 6 games.
PS I came close one game.

Green smoothie.
Being healthy lately with runs every morning, Jillian Michaels at night and the Special K challenge.

Sometimes we fight over who gets Jack.  Can you tell why?

Little Bug loves bath time!

 Sometimes he prefers to sleep with things covering his my scarf. Haha

Baby on the move! Rolled from the fireplace to under the coffee table.

Holding hands :]

I always catch these two sleeping together.

Remember the time Jack was sick? He was a serious drama king for the first time in his life.
These pictures were taken within seconds of each other.  Always cheeses for the camera haha.

The most delish skillet cookie from Chilis.
Best dessert after a 10 day sugar fast. Mmm.

Please tell me why all mini wheats can't come this frosted.
Made my day.

Great Grandma.

Loves Uncle Chris.

Want a healthy dessert?
Blend together some frozen bananas.
Banana ice cream! Mmmm :]

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