Weekend Review

Monday, April 29, 2013

Okay, well I know the weekend doesn't technically start on Thursday but it's so close to the weekend that I'm including it in my weekend review.

Thursday morning we signed closing documents on our house!
Big sigh of relief. The headache is almost over!
Because T was supposed to be out of town last week we set up a Power of Attorney so I could sign in his place.
Then his schedule got changed last-minute and he didn't end up going out of town after all.
Because the closing documents were pre-printed stating I was signing in place of him we had to stick to that.  Overall, it wasn't a big deal except that I had to sign a lot of stuff...twice!
I probably signed 30-40 papers and each time I signed for T I had to write this entire sentence:
Thomas E. Wallace by Marci Nicole Wallace, attorney in fact.
Every. Single. Time.
Oh my goodness, I probably should have had carpal tunnel by the time I was done.
Luckily, my wrist and hand survived the trauma.
After signing closing documents we headed to the bank to wire our down payment.
Seeing thousands of dollars leave your bank account is a little a not-so-good way.

I filled out the wire transfer form but I let T sign it.  I figured he was probably feeling a little left out.
And besides, I definitely did my fair share of signing.

Jack was a champ and waited very patiently while we hung out in the bank processing the wire transfer.

Now we just are waiting for escrow to close [tomorrow!]
and to get the keys!...hopefully also tomorrow.

Thursday night we went out to Macaroni Grill with the fam to celebrate my little brother's 16th birthday.
Can't believe my littlest sib is sixteen!

On Friday, Jack & I walked to the park for a play group.

A bunch of people bailed last-minute but Jack still had a grand time playing in the sandbox, swinging, and watching other kids play.

I rediscovered a favorite lunch-time meal:
Yogurt mixed with granola and topped with banana slices.
So delish.
My soccer girls used to always make fun of me for making "yogurt parfaits" at practice.
But hello! I was pregnant and coming straight to soccer practice from work and hungry.
This was my energizer snack every single soccer practice.
I forgot about it for's still as delicious as ever.
Now i just need to learn how to make my own granola because I've heard homemade granola is where it's at.
Favorite recipes, anyone?

On Friday night we went to a River Cats baseball game with some of T's coworkers.
Free tickets courtesy of PwC.
Thanks, PwC!

We had lawn tickets which I think are so fun.
The game is far away but it just is so cozy and picnic-y.
Plus, one of mine & T's very first dates (maybe the 3rd?) was to a River Cats game with lawn seats.
It brings back happy memories :]

The River Cats are the A's Triple-A team so of course we had to dress Jack in his A's best.
Thanks to Grandma Wallace for his cute A's gear!

Poor little Jack got so tired toward the middle of the game but there was too much excitement to go to sleep.  He was such a champ though and stuck it out the whole game without a single tear.

 After the game ended (and we killed the Salt Lake Bees 10-1) they did a fireworks show.
I was so nervous about how Jack would react.
This is his face at the first firework
(yes, I was prepared with the camera)

He was just confused and a little nervous at the first few fireworks then completely enjoyed the rest of the show. This is the best baby ever.

We had so much fun at the game.
Pretty sure sporting events are my favorite family outing.

On Saturday we participated in Mormon Helping Hands.
My grandma watched Jack for us while we helped with the service project.
They went on a walk, had lunch, and played together before Jack took a nap.
Jack seriously loves Great-Grandma Masters and she's the ultimate baby whisperer so she's an excellent baby-sitter! :]
Later in the afternoon we went to Mom & Dad Wallace's to sign some paperwork my SIL put together for our homeowner's insurance.
We ended up staying for dinner which worked out splendidly since Mom Wallace ordered pizza which is my absolute favorite meal of all time.

Jack had a great time playing with his cousins.

...and playing Jack in the Box. Ha.

He loved reading books with Grandpa Wallace and cousin Kate.

So presh.
Mom Wallace made strawberry milkshakes which are definitely a specialty of hers.
They are DE-lish.

Jack loves them too.

Jack Jack and Auntie Erin.
He gets so much attention at the Wallace's it's not even funny.
This kid thinks he's the bomb dot com, as my nanny kids would have said.

 ...the weekend still isn't over. Sheesh.

On Sunday we had another birthday celebration for Chris with extended family + the missionaries.
We invite them to all birthday parties.
And they always stop by because who wouldn't want cake and ice cream?

The missionaries even brought Chris a birthday present.
This is one of Elder Barnhart's (left) ties.
It's a mission tradition for them to sign ties
Or maybe they give them to a new missionary, I don't really know.
Anyway. They signed this one and gave it to Chris and told him to wear it on his mission.
I think he's allowed to wear it now too...

Jack LOVES spending time with Grandpa Davis.

He got a ridiculous amount of attention showing off his walking skills and he was definitely on Cloud 9.

 We had a super fun and very busy weekend and are looking forward to a crazy busy week of house-prepping for move-in.


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