Free Printable: Love you

Well, it's official.
I despise my little sister.
She asked me to do a photoshop project for her summer tutoring blog
and unfortunately it turned out ridiculously cute and I got addicted to pattern overlays like in the banner:

So then I had to spend way too long making printables with pattern overlays.
Lucky for YOU, I'm sharing them for free!

Use. Print. Enjoy :]

PS The pattern overlays seen here are from Mel Stampz which is an amazing blog I discovered today.
If you are digitally creative in any way you should definitely visit her blog! But be may spend hours there. 
 [I know from recent experience.]

PS Remember, you can save these directly to your computer from my blog OR if you are going to print them larger than a 5x7 I recommend downloading them from my shared dropbox Printables folder here.
PPS Remember if you are looking for a specific printable you can request it by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog "Request a free printable."

Psst...Hey friends.
I'm quickly running out of Dropbox space.
In order for me to keep posting lots of free printables I need more space...desperately!
Will you help me?
Click here and get a dropbox account.
Doing so through that link will put me as your referral and I will get more space.
Thanks a million!


  1. i love this one!!! i want to print it out...where the best spot? do you usually go through a printing company?

    1. I think I might print this one too! I'm obsessed with pattern overlays now, haha! I usually print mine at Costco or Walmart. I just save it as a .jpg then upload it to their online 1hr photo. This will definitely come out clear up to an 8x10 size but I don't know beyond that, I've never tried to print one bigger! You can also send it to FedEx but then it gets printed as an 8.5x11 and it doesn't fit into picture frames.


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