Jack Jack: 9 months!

Jack Jack turned 9 months old on Thursday!
3 months until his 1st birthday? Whaaat?!

Now a brag session.
At 9 months...

Jack finally started army crawling a couple days ago.  He is learning how to move pretty fast.  I keep forgetting he can actually move now.  I leave the room, come back a few seconds later and he is not where I left him! I better start remembering so he doesn't get into trouble.

He had his 9 month well-child check-up today.

Doc said he's as healthy as can be!
When he asked if Jack was crawling and I said no the doctor said he'll probably just skip it and go straight to walking [he was showing off his walking skills at the time] and that it's perfectly fine to skip crawling.
So to all those who say children need to learn to crawl for the sake of motor are wrong.
The doctor actually said Jack's motor skills are exemplary.
Take that.
PS I actually think now that Jack is army crawling he will start real crawling in no time.  So he might learn to crawl before he walks.
Jack Jack weighs 21lb 12oz (70%) and is 29" long (75%).  His head is still in the 90th percentile.  He is still a big boy but slowing down!

Jack is a total cheeser for the camera.  As soon as he sees someone taking a picture he whips out the biggest smile ever.  It's the cheesiest smile you'll ever see and so cute!

[Excuse the strawberry shake on his face haha]

He loves bath time.
He loves looking at himself in the mirror after bath time...and all the time.

 He loves the swings.

Mommy and Daddy are two of his very best friends.

...but his very best friend of ALL is definitely my parents' cat.
He is obsessed.
Every time the cat comes within his view he gets so excited.
He copies her meow and screams at her to get her attention.
And he will do anything to get to her. The other day he attempted climbing over the back of the couch.

He loves playing in the laundry bucket.

He loves reading books.
At night when we read scripture stories he gets so excited
although I have to admit he is most excited to play with the bookmark. Haha.

His favorite toys are keys, cell phones, and the remote control.
He sleeps on his tummy and still doesn't sleep through the night...*sigh*
He takes awesome naps though. 2ish hours in the morning (sometimes 3!) and 3ish hours in the afternoon.
He loves going on walks/runs.
He is the happiest baby on the planet and smiles at everyone he sees.
He gets lots of compliments on his hair and his dimple :]
He gets really giggly at night if he stays up too late and gets way past tired.
He says "mama" and sometimes "dada" but I don't know if he knows what dada means.
He loves to smack his lips.
He recently learned how to use his finger to make funny sounds with his lips
or he uses his fist to make an indian sound.
Last week he started a new thing where he randomly lets out a short scream. Either he is testing out his lungs or trying to get attention.
He also randomly grunts all the time. I think he just likes all the sounds he can make haha.
He can stand by himself pretty much indefinitely but if he notices nobody is holding on to him then he gets scared and grabs for you or sits down.
He takes 2-3 steps by himself all the time but doesn't regularly take 5-6 steps like he did a few weeks ago.

He eats pureed fruits and veggies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but also eats table food at dinner.  He eats pretty much everything we eat.
He got his first PB&J last week and I think it's safe to say he is in love.

This little kid keeps us laughing every day and we love him to pieces.

You should know I did not put the hat on him like that. 
I definitely put it on straight.
He definitely changed it to gangsta-style all by himself.

This stage of babyhood is so fun.
Don't grow up too fast, Jack Jack!

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