Late Post: King's Game!

Two weekends ago [I know this is SO late!] we took Jack Jack to his very first Kings game!
We're seriously hoping it isn't his last and that the Kings stay in Sacramento for many more seasons to come.  But we wanted to make sure we got to go to one last game if this really is their last season in Sacramento.

Jack was awesome during the game!
It was crazy loud [of course!] and he was a little nervous at first and extremely curious about all the people around us...especially the drunk ones who were yelling louder than anyone haha.

He was super tired since the game started right around bedtime but he stayed awake the whole time and never cried! It's a typical Jack Jack thing but surprises me all the time how GOOD he is!

For some reason I thought I didn't have my real camera with me (even though I specifically packed it in the diaper bag before we left home!) so all our pictures were taken on our iPhones. I love my iPhone but I really, really hate the camera quality. Ugh.

We played the Dallas Mavericks and lost by a lot but we still had a grand time!
Excuse our red eyes. Picasa won't recognize them to fix it for some reason.

This is going down in the books as one of my favorite family date nights ever.
Thanks for taking us out, T!

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