We've been so busy around here lately!
Here's what we've been up to...
[Please excuse how my iPhone takes the most awful pictures. Ever.]

Family Date night to Thai food, our very favorite!

Yellow Curry? Yum.

[I'm not supposed to be shopping but I just couldn't pass up these Steve Madden lovelies which only cost me $8 after my $10 DSW rewards coupon!]

Discovering broken sunglasses in the diaper bag.

 Spending time with the sisters.
[Kelli came for a super short, less-than-24-hour visit after the cruise...that we were left behind for.]
Excuse our filthiness. We had just gone 10pm.

We have manly muscles.

Lots of walks/not enough runs...oops.
+ READING for the first time since Jack was born. Notice the book under the stroller.
It's excellent, I recommend it.
[Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand]
Yes, since Mr. Bunny got lost that one time I got smart.
He now gets clipped to the stroller. Not two feet out the door and this is where I find him.
Poor Mr. Bunny just hanging by his neck.

Sewing frenzy including...
bow ties
[for the free tute go here]

& bedding for Jack's crib since, ya know, in just THREE weeks, we will be closing on our house and Jack will finally have a full-sized crib...and I thought he might want sheets and stuff.
& a super top secret project that I promise there will one day be a free tute for.

Learning new faces

Costco runs/chillin' in the shopping cart.
He seriously sat with his arm back like that the entire time. So relaxed, haha.

Playing with cousins.

Getting first owies :[
Can you see his bandaid? It only stayed on for about 5 minutes before he ripped it off. His poor little finger bled for several minutes after he scraped it or got it caught under the recliner on the couch...we're not exactly sure how it happened. Poor little guy!

Playing with his favorite bucket.

Scouring Pinterest, Lowes, Home Depot & Sherwin Williams for the perfect paint colors for the house.

Aaaand...Jack took FIVE steps yesterday!

Back to the busy-ness...

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