T is back to busy season, *sigh*.
So mostly it's just me and Jack Jack left to figure out how to spend our time all day and night.

Sometimes we go on sunset walks.

While on said walks, we stalk people's houses to figure out what color we want to paint the exterior of our house one day in the near future.

We're especially fond of this one.

...and this one.

I caught Jack hanging out with his feet up in the stroller. Haha, this kid.

Sometimes we test Jack's flexibility.

Sometimes we go out to lunch with my mom and dad.
Jack is always well behaved and elicits lots of smiles from strangers.

Because T is gone all night I had plenty of time to whip up some headbands and burp cloths for my cute cousin-in-law's baby shower. Can I have a baby girl next?!

We almost always go out for a morning run.
This morning we ran 4.86 miles...that's a lot for someone who had never run more than a mile until a few months ago.
[Okay, soccer excluded. They say the average soccer player runs an average of 4-6 miles every game. But I'm talking just straight running.]

We discovered how hilarious Jack thinks mopping is.

When Daddy is home we take full advantage!
Jack & Daddy spent some time Sunday morning playing ball.

Please take note. That is a soccer ball. [YES!]
Also take note. That soccer ball was given to Jack from my favorite soccer team ever, Utah Sol.  Signed by every player. I want to cry when I see it.

On Sunday night we celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday!
Isn't she cute!? You'd never guess she's 80. She still walks 6 miles in the mornings and is the healthiest 80 year old I know.

Oh. And since I thought T & Jack could use some quality time together I scheduled a hair cut for myself over the weekend. I'm embarrassed to show you the before pictures.



My hair has been SO ridiculously dry since having Jack and it gets nasty fast.
The things we go through for beautiful babies...


  1. Jack jack! I love it. Reminds me of incredibles. Tate's favorite movie :). Love your hair!! You're inspiring me, mine needs work. Marci, I love your blog! You seem so happy and jack could NOT be any cuter!!

    1. Hahaha, yes I think Jack Jack probably comes out so naturally due to the Incredibles! People who have just met him will start calling him that, haha!
      PS You are way too sweet!


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