Life Update.

Tomorrow is a BIG day.
We sign closing documents for our house!
& Jack turns 9 months!
AND my little brother turns 16!

I thought I'd better share our less-exciting stuff before all the excitement tomorrow
otherwise our regular stuff will seem really boring.

We've had a few play dates with Hayden lately. Jack adores him!

Love walking into my room at night and seeing this sweet little sleeping boy.
It's one thing I will miss about sharing a room with him.

 Daddy has been working hard lately so we almost never see him.
[He didn't get home until 1am yesterday!]
So if Jack wakes up late at night instead of letting him cry it out we let him get out of the crib and snuggle with Daddy.  I don't even care if it's spoiling him.

If Jack wakes up at night and Daddy still isn't home sometimes I still let him get up because I'm lonely and he's a good snuggle buddy.

Daddy gave Jack Jack his very first driving lesson at the ripe age of 8.5 months.
It pretty much consisted of: buckle up.

Jack & I went to a play group at the park with a few mommies from church.
He got to play in the sand for the first time! I couldn't really tell if he liked it or not.
I think he was more confused than anything else.  He got really concerned when sand got on his hands haha.

 We went to our monthly Wallace FHE.
I wish my phone took better pictures but it doesn't so you get what you get.
Carter taught a lesson on the first vision then we had brownie sundaes for dessert.
I seriously love this tradition. It guarantees that everyone gets together at least once a month and Jack just loves being around all his cousins. It's like baby heaven for him to be surrounded by children haha.

I'm using a 10k training app and running farther distances than I ever have before.
Surprisingly, I'm not completely winded by the end (or even close) BUT I am completely bored out of my MIND.
Please someone tell me how you can run even a half marathon and not feel like you're going to fall asleep from the boredom of it all.
I always run with Jack in the jogging stroller so I talk to him but he usually falls asleep and, even if he doesn't, he can't talk back! I've tried listening to music but it doesn't even come close to curing the boredom.  By the end of my 5ish miles I feel more bored than sitting through a 3 hour biology lecture.

PS Don't judge my pace. I'm jogging with a stroller AND this program has you walk for 3 minutes. So really I swear I'm faster than that.

Jack is now getting the hang of walking along furniture.
He used to try to let go and walk forward and then he would fall over.
Now he gets that he has to step sideways.
Sometimes, though, he is way too brave.
He gets to the edge of this couch then lets go and tries to walk to that side table.
It's IRON and he falls way too often to be trusted to not face-plant into it.
Look at what a cheeser this kid is every time I pull out the camera:

And just to leave you with some cuteness...

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