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Thursday, April 4, 2013

My baby is trying to walk!

Jack Jack is just 8.5 months old and really trying hard to get his little feet moving!
He still has no interest in crawling
[he has only gotten on his hands and knees a handful of times and never stayed up more than a second or two]
but he sure wants to walk!
A few weeks ago he started standing by himself for a few seconds at a time.
Then he could stand about 10 seconds with no assistance.
THEN he started taking one step
[then falling over after his first step].
And then a couple days ago he took two steps all by himself!
...and then fell over haha.
If you hold onto his fingers he will walk all day long.
He can even do it with someone holding on to just one of his hands.
We're so excited and proud of him
but also a little bit sad that our baby is growing up so fast!

This is him sort of in action.
He was watching sports so he was pretty distracted.

And just because...some pictures of Jack Jack & Daddy on Easter :]

...and one of Jack & Great-Grandma!

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