Today I was lazy...and I loved it.

When I woke up this morning I was ridiculously tired.
Jack has been sleeping WAY better since Sleep Training, Round 3 which means I have been sleeping way better so who knows why I'm so exhausted but ANYWAY...
I (silently) declared it a lazy day.
I don't allow myself many of these and let me tell you...I enjoyed every minute.
I "dressed" in leggings and a tshirt.
Took a morning nap when Jack napped.
Took a leisurely stroll to the park and pushed jack in the swing.

Let jack watch an episode of Dora.
Watched an episode of House Hunters: Renovation.
Played with Jack.
Practiced walking (yes, WALKING!) with Jack.
Read a book during Jack's afternoon nap.
I DID still make dinner.
Then a leisurely stroll to Starbucks for a vanilla bean frap. Mmm.

Because Tom laughed when he asked if I had done my workout yet and I told him my two walks were counting today, I forced myself to do a whole 3 minute strength workout. Haha
Today was a day of NO running, NO workout DVDs, NO projects, NO cleaning, NO jeans and NO productiveness.
And I don't regret it even just a little bit.
Embrace the lazy once in a blue moon. So worth it.
PS I'm not any less tired after my completely relaxing day - what the?!

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