What We Wear Wednesday

Top: Gap Outlet ($4.72!)
If you are under the impression that Gap is too expensive for your budget, you are sort of right (when you shop their regular priced clothes at their regular store) but sort of wrong (learn to shop at the outlet and when there are sales + coupons!)
Jeans: Gap Outlet (around $7!)
Shoes: Payless ($5!)
similar (but if you buy those, please trade out the laces ASAP...mine came with no such craziness)
Necklace*: Mexico
Ring: Mexico
Bracelet: Kohl's
Earrings: Kohl's
...and binky on my finger is from Target. Haha

*This necklace, though I love it...
[thanks, Jai & Kelli for picking it out for me while cruising!]
...caused me quite a bit of trouble during this photo shoot.
Jack wanted it and was mad when he couldn't have it.
See proof:

Poor baby had a meltdown!...
until he found my shoelaces.

And then (when he started crying again for the necklace) I picked him up and could NOT get him to look at the camera.

THEN when I tried to get a picture of his outfit he kept being all scrunched over playing with the necklace.

Being the mean mama I am, I took it away again...just for a second!
and got this:

I'm not that mean so I gave it back and decided pictures with the necklace in mouth will have to suffice.
He's still the cutest baby ever.

And besides...he was clearly just trying to learn how to tell time.
I'm not going to deny my child educational toys! Ha.
Anyways. Behold, Jack's outfit:

A's romper: Gift from Grandma Wallace
I think from the MLB store?
Just being taught early who he should root for
[or suffer Daddy's wrath.]

Happy Wednesday!

and PS please look at this creepy neck definitely appears to be missing.

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