Nor Cal Mud Run

My little sister & I did the Tough N Dirty Nor Cal mud run on Saturday
and had a blast!
We finished 2nd in our wave and were the first girls!
Haha, but seriously...that's saying nothing at all.
We weren't even trying very hard and we were at least 5 minutes ahead of the 3rd place people.
People who do these mud runs just aren't really athletic. Haha.

CLEAN before the run!

Aaand it was cold outside and we had 45 minutes until our wave start time
so we killed time in the car haha. 

DIRTY after! arm looks like I'm a body-building but really I swear I'm not.
I'm just a Jack-lifter.

Jamie was made fun of because her bow stayed perfectly clean.
Haha. Little cheerleader.

We had so much fun and I would definitely do it again!

PS The mud in this race was more goopy and thick than some mud runs I've seen where it's all runny and the runners are seriously dripping with mud at the end.
Maybe next time we try to find one of those? Ha.

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