Things we've been up to that are NOT renovation.

We do live a life outside of renovations...
sort of.
Here's a catch-up.

We've enjoyed about a million and one strawberry shakes at Grandma Wallace's.
They're the yummiest you can find anywhere and Jack is OBSESSED.
[T & I are too...]

Relaxing like this is cool.

Spending time with cousins is so fun!

 Haha, sorry for the red-eye...

 Grandma Wallace recently got these little kid Adirondacks chairs.
Jack wants to sit in one every time we go over.
[Or mommy sits him in one every time we go over...]

Jack Jack has found his new favorite spot in the house...
the window seat in the bay windows.

We had a surprise visitor last week!
THIS, my friends, is our good family friend and the previous owner of our house!
We had such a nice visit and got to ask lots of questions about house-related things.

Jack Jack still loooves bath time.
Too bad he has been getting one only every 3 days or so when I squeeze in the time.
Poor dirty babe!

And this crazy kid has been up to all kinds of shenanigans lately.

Like pressing his face into tupperware containers.

and playing on his mattress while I move his crib.

[and also getting stuck on the edge of the mattress while trying to get off]

 and crawling away every single time we do a diaper change.

And dragging Grandpa's bucket of tools around the house.

and eating limes and ENJOYING them.

 and being a little escape artist and trying to climb over the pillow barricade when I was SO nice to let him sleep in my bed the night Daddy was out of town.

PS He thought this was hilarious. The word "no" is always hilarious these days.
PPS We all know he was sleeping in my bed for my sake, not his.

He has been SUCH a good baby while I've been busy with the house.
He self-entertains for hours and loves it.

 He is growing up way too fast.
Somebody make him stop.

 We are loving our new running scenery.
The American River!

We live just one mile from the river trail access.
It's perfect because once we get there we can run on the trail 1 mile or 17 miles.
We'll probably never go 17 miles haha.

We had a successful shopping spree at Ikea.

 We were in the store almost 3 hours (whaaat?)
and Jack Jack was pooped by the end.

Aaand in other Jack Jack news...
he learned how to clap a few days ago
and learned how to wave "hi" tonight!
This little boy is growing up so fast!


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