We own a house!: Days 1 and 2

We are officially homeowners!
It is so crazy and exciting!
We got the keys yesterday afternoon and started work right away.

This little boy has been a total champ.  He took naps in his car seat until I could get his brand new crib set up.

Baby's first real crib is up and running (finally!).  
Now he has a comfy place to sleep while we work, work, work.
Just in time too since he wiggled himself out of his car seat for the first time this afternoon.
[Let me tell you, it was a shocker when I left him in his car seat, came back and he wasn't in there!]

He loves it.

I've been spending hours upon hours debating over paint colors.
These are [or...were] the options for the family room.

You should know they all CLAIM to be gray.
Just one million shades of gray.
[Or fifty shades of gray?]
Anyway, they all got booted.
We're still on the hunt for the perfect gray.

 While Dad Wallace spent his time hidden behind those plastic hanging wall coverings 
removing the popcorn ceilings...
[pretty sure we can't thank him enough.]

...I spent my time taking kitchen cabinets down in preparation for new paint.
We're changing a lot of things so we can put our own stamp on the house
and make it our home.
It's so fun but we are busy, busy, busy!

This crib is probably 10x comfier than the pack n play he's been sleeping in for the last several months.

and more paint options...

 These are options for Jack's bedroom.
We are looking for a cream/taupe.
These were all nixed.

Aaaand this is the color for our master bedroom:
It's pretty much the ONE success 
even though we are going to ask for only 75% color to lighten it up a bit.

I spent the majority of my day working on the house
or taking trips to Lowe's.
Took one break for dinner and to pick up paint
[is picking up paint considered a break?]
and then didn't leave until a little after 10pm.
I'm pooped.
...and I'm still blogging.
You're welcome.

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