What We Wear Wednesday

Getting a good picture of this outfit was hard because baby J was ready for a nap and a bit cranky!
Every time I set him down I got this:

Don't worry, I gave in and picked him back up.

Then I thought I'd let him stand but this kid is on the move and he has a mind of his own.
He would rather walk away than pose for pictures.

Hey, get back here!

So we're just making do with the pictures we could get...

- Marci -

Top: Gap Outlet
Necklace: American Eagle 
*gifted to me by my cousin probably 8 years ago. Simple pieces are timeless.*
Watch: Kohls
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Heels: Steve Madden from DSW [paid $8 out of pocket!]

So this outfit is ridiculously simple. Blue jeans, white tee made dressy and fun with statement heels. Pair your basics with one statement piece and your entire outfit will magically be transformed!

Another easy way to dress up jeans & a basic tee is to look for basics with added interest (ie zippered pocket, studded neckline) like the white tees found at Forever21 hereherehereherehere [obsessed with this one!], here and here

- Jack Jack -
Striped onesie polo: Carters
Shorts: Carters
That cute face: Daddy
[but that adorable dimple is the one thing that comes from Mommy!]

I know this is blurry but oh my goodness, that face!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i love these pictures! true mama life, right there. you are so beautiful marci! i love the last of the two of you.

    1. Thanks, Nicole! You make me're too sweet!


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