What We Wear Wednesday

Okay so...
I've been so crazy busy working on the house
[since we move in on Saturday, ahhh! + hooray!]
and I definitely completely forgot about WWWW.
Until just now when we took a break for dinner.
Since I'm wearing ripped up, paint-stained jeans and my little sister's faded Girls' Camp t-shirt I'm just not going to post about today's outfit.
So I'm cheating...again.
These pictures are from Mother's Day but my outfit worked that day and I have a pictures so...
it's a winner and I'm using it.

- Marci -
Dress: Gap
It was super on sale, super cute, the last one left and 3 sizes too big.
But it's one of those rare finds where you can make it work even though it's clearly too large.
It's longer than my size would have been which is great since my size would have been too short for my comfort and it came with a belt (which I swapped for one of my own in this outfit) so you can cinch it up and voila!
Belt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Tights: Target ($5!)
Boots: Forever Young (Utah only, boo!)

- Jack Jack -
Plaid button-up onesie: Carter's
Tie: Tie One On
Pants: Old Navy

Back to work...
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. love your pop of color! and of course jack is always styling like always :)


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