What We Wear Wednesday

Sooo we attempted pictures in our new backyard today.
And apparently we chose a terrible time of day because the lighting is awful.
But we weren't home the rest of the day so this is what we got.
Better luck next time.

- Marci -
Top: H&M
*Note that H&M still has these in their stores and they're only $12.95. Lots of colors, too!
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Sandals: Forever Young
Bracelet: Forever21

- Jack Jack -
Romper: Carter's
Can I just say I seriously LOVE rompers? The Children's Place says it best in one of their romper descriptions:
"The perfect warm-weather essential - comfy for baby, easy for mommy!"
I foresee Jack Jack wearing these a LOT on summer swim days.

[He even says it while he waves, it's so cute!]

Happy Wednesday!

PS Let it be known that I do not currently have even one full-length mirror in my house.
I didn't even see the completed outfit until I took these pictures.
Hence why it's not my cutest outfit ever.
Forgive me, haha.

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