What we've been up to reno-wise

Renovations are so close to being done!
Just a few last-minute things.
But we officially moved in on Saturday and are loving our new house!

I'm an organizational freak in that I want everything to have an exact place to belong in a basket in the drawer, not just in the drawer.
Unfortunately things don't always end up in the spot they belong.
But I still like them to belong somewhere hence this picture of my items at Wal-Mart:
This is what my check-out has looked like every time I've gone in the last few days.
I get home and realize I still don't have enough hangers or baskets.

Dad Wallace helped me measured out my bathroom wall stripes last week!

He even taped them for me.
The stripes are done now and I am SO in love but I'm not posting a picture until the bathroom is box-free.
Sorry :]

We had [yet another] small paint mishap last week.
At Kelly Moore they gave me flat paint instead of the eggshell I specifically requested for touch-ups.
I didn't even notice until all my touch-up work was done and dry.
I had dark spots ALL over the walls. AHHHH.

See along the bottom?
My walls looked shadowed every where.
After almost breaking down and giving up I made myself go back to the paint store, get the right paint, and fix [almost] all of it. There are still a few pieces to patch...we'll see when I get to it ha.

There has been a lot of cleaning going on since the professional cleaning crew considers this clean:

And I consider THIS clean:

I would never in my life pay for someone to clean my house if they can't do more than surface clean.

And the tenants left behind a lot of dirt.
 The professional cleaning crew somehow missed all of that, too.

 Dad Wallace had an adventure in our crawl space to turn off our water to move the refrigerator.

I'm so glad Dad Wallace & Grandpa Altop know what they're talking about when it comes to solving house problems like adjusting our washer and dryer attachments so they can sit side-by-side instead of on opposite walls (wth?).  T & I were listening in on their conversation and were both so lost. Home improvement is quickly becoming a lost art...

Saturday was MOVE day!
[um, yes, we had a Budget truck-full too but I was responsible to bring over all the left-overs.]

Our house looks like this now:

It's a little bit stressful.

Want to see where all my storage bins have come in handy?
First off, this kitchen drawer.

[good luck finding anything below the top layer]

 and after:
I still think we have too many kitchen utensils but sorting through them is a project for another day.

And Jack's random drawer before:

and about 90 seconds later...
 Ahh, bliss.

OH. And guess what?
Kitchen cabinets are done and UP.
But you don't get to see until our granite goes in
[in a few weeks yay!].
Thought I'd be sweet and give you a little sneak peek though.

Hopefully the next time you hear about house reno's there will be some really good before & after's.
I'm EXCITED, are you!?

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  1. i'm SO impressed with how much you are diving into this! just like me, i like things done :) it looks awesome!


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