I love H&M but...

..sometimes I hate them.

I have seen THIS^ more than once in their store.
Yes, you're seeing this correctly.
The original price of this item is $12.95.
But then they decided that wasn't enough money.
So they put their SALE TAG on it...
except it's not on sale.
Instead, the price has increased by $2.05.
Seriously, I have seen this on multiple occasions at H&M.
And I would never, ever, ever buy something that used to be one price and then was changed to a higher price.
Even if I loved it.
And even if I would have paid $15 for it to begin with...if that was the original price.

PS. Yes, I have taken an article of clothing tagged like this up to the front just to confirm the red tag is the actual current price. I promise it is.

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  1. what?! this is hilarious, i've never seen something like this there hahah sooo dumb. especially since you ask at the counter! this is cracking me up. i always sign up for their emails and get 20% off


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