Playing catch-up.

I haven't blogged in ages.
I promise I have one good excuse after the other.

1. We're still in a mad process of making our house homey.
2. I've been planning a baby shower.
3. I had one awful cold and before I completely recovered got a second, less-severe one. GAH.
4. Jack caught both colds too.
5. I'm vacationing this week in Utah.
6. We just barely got internet less than 2 weeks ago.
7. My iPhone broke so I haven't been taking as many pictures
[but I just got a new one so I promise I'll make up for it!]
8. Our computer is really old and shuts down randomly at least once a day then takes 30 minutes to boot up again. It makes blogging miserable.
6. I have been lazy.

But here I am, on vacation, blogging away.
You're welcome.

Enjoy our picture catch-up.

A few weeks ago we let Jack Jack lick his first beater covered in batter.
Needless to say, he loved it!

We celebrated my dad's 52nd birthday!

[I will have you know that cake and frosting were both made from scratch by yours truly. And this cake has been requested for next year's celebration. Winner.]

My gorgeous little sister graduated from high Valedictorian!
She is headed off to BYU in August and, while I'm super excited for her, I'm also so sad to not have her living nearby!

 We've done some swimming on warmer days and Jack-o-lantern absolutely loves the water!

My BFF Kallie came to join us one day.
Please excuse my makeup-less face.
I accidentally left my makeup in the car which T took to work.

When I need Jack to not get into everything I stick him in his little walker that we are still borrowing from Grandma Wallace.
Unfortunately, it doesn't really keep him from getting into everything.
I dumped the clean laundry on the floor to fold it (I promise the floor was clean)
and Jack Jack dragged it all over.

...and ate it.

But he's cute so I forgave him :]

Speaking of being into everything...this kid walks along anything he can hold on to and gets to whatever he thinks he needs to tear apart.
By the way, he can totally walk without holding onto anything but opts for the safer way of walking haha

And when there is nothing to hold onto, he goes to his tummy and army crawls.
Yep, almost 11 months old and still no knee crawling.

Those are just the pictures from my camera.
More to come from my old iPhone and my new iPhone.

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