Utah Vacay: Day 2

We started our morning with half an episode of Dora.
After Jack turned the Xbox (aka DVD player) off five times I gave up.
But look how cute this baby is...he waves at Dora every time the show starts!

Poor little boy is probably not going to have a regular sleeping schedule all week.
This picture was taken right before I woke him up to go to Parade of Homes. Mean mama.

We went to Aunt Kelli's for lunch
[she made us some delicious quesadillas!]
then headed to Parade of Homes for the afternoon.

Oh. And Jack Jack & I took about a million self-portraits. front facing camera stinks.

Pizza for dinner later that night
then a game of 3v3 basketball with the sibs.

Jack Jack sat in his car seat and watched us the whole time...
happy as a clam.
Who is this kid?!
He is the most easy-going baby ever.

We ended the night with chocolate chip cookie vanilla ice cream sundaes.

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  1. your whole vacation sounds so fun! i'm so glad you got to be with family. jack is so adorable. we have a dora lover to... haha


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