Utah Vacay: Day 3

Day 3 of Utah Vacay might have been one of the busiest days of my life...
a very good busy day!
I hosted a baby shower for one of my cute BFF's, Chelsy.
She's only a little more than halfway but she's leaving Utah in about a month to move to TX...
plus this is the only week I was in town!
I love throwing parties so I was thrilled to throw Chelsy's shower!

We had simple & delish pink lemonade in pink glittered mason jars.

Dessert crepes galore.

And Chels got some ridiculously cute girls things.

Somehow I took zero pictures (stole these all from Chelsy)
and didn't get even one picture with the mama-to-be!
But I took this from her FB...
 How CUTE is she?!
Congrats, Chels! Can't wait to see a million pictures of Baby Girl Downs!

After the shower, some lunch, and a few episodes of Friends to unwind
we hiked the Y with my sibs.
Uncle Ryan & Uncle Taylor were so nice to carry Jack in the hiking backpack the entire way.
Let me tell was not easy!

 PS Mama fail - when we got to the trail head I realized that I had left the sun shade of the hiking backpack at Ryan & Rachel's apartment! I didn't want to waste half an hour going back to get it so I lathered the kid in sunscreen and crossed my fingers.
Thank goodness he didn't end up burned even though he refused to wear his (super cute Ralph Lauren Polo) hat and would NOT let me put a blanket over his head.

Sweet little boy fell asleep on the way down.

...But he woke up on time for In N Out.
I'm pretty sure it's his favorite.

After In N Out I got to meet up with some of my soccer girls from Utah Sol!
I seriously miss them SO much.
We enjoyed delicious Cold Stone and caught up on the last year of life.

I seriously wish I could have coached these girls all the way through high school.
They are some of the most amazing girls ever.
Miss them to pieces.
Oh...and Jack Jack was in heaven among all these cute girls!

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