Utah Vacay: Parade of Homes

Welcome to Utah Valley Parade of Homes!
I really took very few pictures (carrying Jack and snapping photos is not easy)
but you will have to believe me that every home is beautiful.
Basically there are 20-25 homes open for an entire week that you can tour as many times as you want
(for a small fee - $12 for a ticket for the week).
Kelli & I did it last summer and I planned my Utah vacay to be here during Parade of Homes week this summer.
Because we didn't get here until Thursday and it ended Saturday we only saw about half the homes but we were pooped anyway by the end.

We saw some gorgeous master bedrooms:

Some beautiful kitchens...of which I got no pictures.
Except for this breakfast nook I absolutely love!
We've been thinking about doing a built-in bench in our eating area and I think I've found just what I want!

And who wouldn't want an outdoor kitchen?

We also saw some less-than-beautiful kitchens.
This is their secondary, basement kitchen but really?
Definitely not my style.

Some of these houses are mansions and have rooms I will only ever dream of.
Like this amazing bonus room/play room:

...with a little kitchenette/snack bar.

PS We took turns carrying Jack because he is HEAVY.

Some of the houses had amazing views.

Love the rock in this family room.

This house was 10,000 square feet!

Beautiful foyer.

 Maybe one day I will have a bathroom like this.

Cutest little reading nook/art room/play room.

I would kill to have a storage room like this!

...with a safe.
Oh and PS. This is only HALF the storage room.

Under the stairs play house.
So adorable!

And a general store for the grandkids!?
[this house was built by an elderly couple who did it all for their grandkids. It's the 10,000 square foot house and they are living in it ALONE!]

Indoor basketball court?

 Movie theaters.

...with a super cute concession stand outside.
Party central, I tell you!

We all agreed we absolutely loved the exterior of this house.

Oh, hey, cute sisters!

Cute family room and I think I've finally decided on the accent colors I'll be using in mine.
Yellow and aqua. Isn't it so bright and homey?

 Cute upstairs bonus room.
We love the built-ins!

I just love this entire house.
The architecture is so cute.

 These barn doors on the office?
I wanted to put french doors on our office entry but now I'm thinking barn doors if we can make it work...

Oh. And what would you give for this to be your laundry room?

And PS there is a secret door out of/into the laundry room into/from the kitchen
...but it just looks like cabinetry!

Farmhouse sink.
Cutest laundry room!
Although I'm not sure why you need an extra dishwasher in the laundry room.
I guess it doubles as a second kitchen off the kitchen?

Anyway I got lots of cute ideas for finishing details on our little home!
Love Parade of Homes!

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