Utah Vacay: Part 1

Jack Jack & I are vacationing in Utah this week!
T couldn't get time off work so he had to stay home :[
but we are still having a great time!
My little sis, Jamie, came with us
and my grandma also caught a ride to come see her siblings.

Jack Jack was an all-star on the drive here.
This is his happy face at our lunch stop:

And these are his happy faces in the car:

Great Grandma sat in the back with him most of the way
except for the last three hours when Jamie took over driving and I took over baby-duty.
Easiest baby duty ever.
He seriously just read books, played with Mr. Bunny, and slept.

I think we had a total of about 5 minutes of crying (during the 45 minutes of the drive) and I found out later it was because he had a dirty diaper!
Angel child.

Jack Jack immediately learned where everything was that he is not supposed to touch.
Uncle Ryan's Xbox turns on by sensor and Jack just LOVES turning it off and on a million times.
And it's just within reach which he thinks is awesome.

Jamie & I headed to BYU campus so she could see where all her classes were.
Somewhere along the way Jack Jack lost Mr. Bunny.
I didn't even notice until we had already left campus.
This is the third time we have lost Mr. Bunny!
I called the BYU lost and found but he hadn't been turned in yet
so we headed back to campus and retraced our steps.
It was great practice for Jamie walking from class to class to class again.
More than halfway through our second round of the campus tour we saw something WAY down this walkway:
It's so far away, you can't even see it.

You still can't see him but I'm pretty sure this is where I literally started running.
I was SO excited that we found him and couldn't wait to retrieve him.

Poor Mr. Bunny!
Pretty sure the tons of EFY kids walking to their variety show thought I was crazy when they saw me waving a stuffed bunny in the air at Jamie (who opted NOT to run haha) and doing a little happy dance.
I didn't even care.
I'm seriously considering buying a dog tag for Mr. Bunny and securing it around his neck.
At the very least, I'm taking my mom's advice from the last time we lost him and writing our contact information on Mr. Bunny's tag.

Jack Jack & Mr. Bunny were reunited immediately.

Although he probably hadn't yet realized Mr. Bunny was missing
he was happy to have him when he woke up!

After that adventure we did a little Parade of Homes
[more on that later]
and then went to the Provo temple that night to do baptisms!

A late night stop at Hokulia Shave Ice ended a perfect day.
We have lots of stuff to pack into this vacay so every day is going to be busy, busy, busy.

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