What We Wear Wednesday

You will have to excuse me.
My outfit is the most boring of boring.
That is what happens when you have to be showered, fed, dressed (x2...the baby too!)
and out of the house by 8:15am
so you can be at your parents by 8:30am in order to use their computer before your brother wakes up and hogs the computer for 14+ hours.
We still do not have internet at our house hence why I have to go through so much just to get a blog post up.
And THAT, my friends, is why we have been seriously lacking in the blog department lately.
Anyway, excuse that my outfit did not turn out looking as I imagined when I picked it out last night.
There was no time for change of plans.
But Jack Jack is cute as ever (even while suffering through a nasty cold) so put all your focus on him!

- Marci -
Top: Kohl's
Under tee: Charlotte Russe
*This is my favorite layering cami EVER. It's reversible (round neck one way, v-neck the other) and has the perfect amount of stretch. Plus the material is lightweight and a lot cooler than the cotton camis in the summer. It's always my top pick when it's clean.
Jeans: Target
Wedges: Target or Payless like 7 years ago...
Ha, no seriously. I wore those shoes to my high school graduation which was 6 years ago and I'm pretty sure I owned them my entire senior year. Tom HATES them but they're my only wedges and they're super comfy plus they go with almost anything! But it's probably time for some new ones...
Necklace: DIY'd by Yours Truly

The proof that I wore those shoes to my high school grad.
Excuse the hideousness of this picture haha.

- Jack Jack -
Polo: H&M ($6!)
Shorts: Carter's

[he's waving and saying "hiiiii!"]

We've had lots of sobfests around here lately because a certain somebody really hates having his nose wiped.
And that certain somebody has a certain mama who cannot stand to let her child have snot running down his face.
Poor baby.

Is that not the saddest face you have ever seen?

Here's to hoping for a happier Wednesday than we've started with!

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