What We Wear Wednesday

So cheating on my outfits is becoming really commonplace around here.
I really wore this two weeks ago (on Wednesday!)
but never got around to posting it that week.
Then I was traveling to Utah the next Wednesday and again didn't get around to posting.
So here it is two weeks late but with good intentions!

- Marci - 
Dress: American Eagle
[Sorry, I know none of the above are quite like my dress but it's so unique I just can't find anything like it!]
Note: My sister really tried to talk me out of buying this like 5 years ago saying it looked like a little Indian dress...and plus she was not a fan of the bum flap which you will not get a chance to see in these pictures. I bought it anyway and I swear I have worn it no more than 5 times in 5 years. That bum flap just gets me every time I put it on haha. Should have listened to my sister.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden from Macy's
Have I mentioned before that my husband picked these out all by himself for my birthday one year? They're probably my favorite and most well-loved shoes.

- Jack Jack -
Top: Carter's
Shorts: H&M

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. h&m is on my top list of places to shop for the boys. i love it! i love your boots too!! i always tell steve it's my life goal to be a heel mom. someday...


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