4th of July

Better late than never, right?
First of all we have zero family pictures from the 4th which is awesome.
Second of all, I have barely any pictures at all. Even more awesome.
But let it be known that Jack DID celebrate his first 4th of July.

We started with a pancake breakfast at our church
where Jack got to sit in Grandpa's Model A Ford (that is what it is, right? ha)
since there was an old cars display at the breakfast.

Please, please ignore the awful way-too-short hair cut.
It has grown out now and is much better.

There was also face-painting and Jack Jack got this cute star on his face.
But you will have to excuse the horrible picture...that baby doesn't even look like Jack haha!

Then the parade. No pictures.
I'm not gonna lie - the Rancho Cordova parade is pretty lame so you aren't missing out with no pictures.

Oh and PS it was THIS hot.
 ...with 50% humidity. That's a LOT for Sacramento 
[and for anyone and when it's 110 degrees].

Then we watched home fireworks at Grandma & Grandpa Wallace's.
Jack got scared once or twice but no tears were shed
and he mostly enjoyed them.

SO tired.

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