In Pregnancy News...

I wrote about my pregnancy with Jack all the time.
So far I have been really slacking this time around.
But Baby #2 will be sad if he/she looks back at our family blog journals and there is nothing about my pregnancy with him/her!
So I figured I'd better get on it.
First of all. For those of you that have been asking for belly pictures...
I've been really bad at that, too.
But I did take one at 11 weeks.

One thing I've been really nervous about this time around is the weight gain.
I gained 43 pounds with Jack and was seriously huge everywhere.
[Note: I barely exercised at ALL during my pregnancy due to my ACL was an excuse. Fail.]
This time I set a goal for myself of no more than 28 pounds.
My Dr this time around wants me to stay under 30.
Here's a side-by-side of 11 weeks with Jack (left) and 11 weeks with this baby (right)

I'd say so far, so good!
Maybe this also means baby #2 won't be quite as huge as Jack?
Hoping so!

Okay so here's our story of early pregnancy with baby #2.

Years before we ever had babies I told T I wanted to just have them bam, bam, bam.
So we agreed that after baby #1 we just wouldn't go back on birth control.
Come what may.
After I delivered Jack I changed my mind.
"I am NOT doing that again any time soon."
So I got the mini-pill.
Fast forward 3 months and suddenly delivering another baby didn't seem so bad.
I guess what they say about your memory fading is sort of true.
Sort of.
Anyway, because we were still house-hunting and living with my parents, T wanted to wait on baby #2. He promised that once we closed on a house we could start trying.
Fast forward a few months. We had a house under contract, waiting for closing.
A month before the closing date I realized I had run out of birth control...on accident.
No seriously, it really was on accident.
I had thought I needed to order some, checked to be sure, and saw an extra pack sitting in the nightstand.
Realized when I went to get it a few weeks later that it was actually Jack's Albuterol which comes in a package that, coincidentally, looks exactly like my birth control package.
Well the way my insurance works is you have to mail order any prescription you take regularly.
It takes a few weeks to arrive after you order it.
Since we were going to start trying in a month anyway there was no point in ordering a new pack.
So. I guess we unofficially started trying.
I told T that the chances we'd get pregnant the first month like we did with Jack were pretty slim.
It still happened.
I guess we're fertile.
I knew my period was late the week before we moved into the house but also knew I had a pregnancy test packed away somewhere.
Even though it was just a dollar store test I didn't feel like getting another one when I already had one. So I waited until moving day.
Unpacked the test. Took it. Positive.
I was shocked to the very core.
I kept saying "what the heck?"
Even though I was a week late I really thought my cycle was still off from nursing.  At this point I was still nursing 3x a day and really didn't think I would get pregnant so easily.
So I was surprised but happily surprised.
I really wanted Jack and baby to be close.
Baby is due January 19 so they will be a little shy of 18 months apart.
So, so, so excited!

So far, this pregnancy is eerily similar to my pregnancy with Jack.
No morning sickness in the first trimester [score!].
Seriously starving in the first trimester [boo. hello, weight gain.]
No symptoms except for having to pee all the time.
Seriously, not even sore breasts. At all.
Aaaand even down to having a UTI in early pregnancy both times.
Wow. These kids are definitely siblings.

Okay, I think I'm done boring you.
End of pregnancy story.

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