Jack's 1st Birthday!

I cannot even believe my little baby turned 1 on Thursday!
Where has the time gone?!
I almost cried like 5 times but somehow managed to hold back the tears.

We started the day off with a bath which Jack loves!

But then the morning turned sour really quickly.
Jack was super tired and had a big meltdown while getting dressed.

Poor birthday boy!
Luckily he was back to his happy self after a good morning nap.

Daddy had the car at work all day so our plan was to hang out at home most of the day
but Grandma & Grandpa Davis invited us to lunch at Leatherby's!
They even sang Happy Birthday to Jack Jack and gave him his own ice cream with a candle!
Jack was pretty mad when everyone else at the table had ice cream besides him.

But pretty soon they brought out his ice cream.

 He wasn't so sure what to think about the candle and everyone in the restaurant singing happy birthday to him.
He cried right after we blew the candle out haha.
But I just really quickly put a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth and that fixed it.

When Daddy got home from work we had a family birthday bash for Jack.
Cupcakes, ice cream, and presents.

He wore the birthday hat I made for like three seconds.
Not even enough time to get a decent picture. Boo.

Jack cried after we blew out the candle on his cupcake...again.
But then he was okay once he got to eat it haha.

This kid was the cleanest cupcake eater ever.
He would just dip his finger in the icing and lick it off.
Until all the icing was gone.
Then he just looked at the cupcake until I broke it into pieces for him.
So much for the classic first birthday cake-face.
That is just not his style haha.

It was like an hour and a half past bedtime by the time we opened presents
so Jack was SO tired
and mostly threw a fit the whole time.
But he did like the money.

and I could not get that shape sorter toy out of the box fast enough for him.

And Jack's great big present this year?
A brand new playroom!
Before & After pictures coming soon :]

After presents Jack Jack had a grand time playing with his cousins in his new playroom.

By the time everybody had gone home poor little Jack was so pooped and ready for bed.
But before I could put him down I had to have some snuggle time with my not-so-baby anymore.

Jack Jack has easily made this the best year of our lives.
He brings us so much joy and makes us laugh every day.
He is seriously the absolute sweetest little babe.
I can't even remember what life was like before him.
We are loving watching him learn & grow every day
but I'm hoping he doesn't grow up too fast.
Don't you wish they could stay little forever?

Goodnight, my sweet little one-year-old.

Another post to come on things Jack is up to at 1 year old.
and we're celebrating more as a little family today since Daddy had to work on Jack's birthday all day.
So more pictures of our sweet little birthday boy to come.

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