Playroom: Before & After

For awhile T & I couldn't decide what we wanted to get Jack Jack for his birthday.
We knew we didn't want to just buy him a random toy even though I'm sure there are plenty out there he'd love.
We wanted to get him a new Sandra Boynton book but also wanted to get him something else.
And then less than a week before his birthday I had the best idea!
A playroom!
We have no rooms in the house that are completely Jack-proof.
I even have to watch him in his own room because he pulls all his clothes out of the dresser.
We had a huge unused room at the front of our house [that we haven't touched since we bought the house] that would make the perfect playroom.
So we decided to use Jack's birthday money to paint and decorate and transform it.
We are loving how it turned out and Jack is in heaven with his brand new playroom!



Obviously it's still pretty empty because Jack has a really limited number of toys
[on purpose, mind you].
But one day we plan to have a little table and chairs in the middle of the room
and maybe even a futon/reading nook one day.
The futon will double as a place for guests.
Because who wouldn't want to stay in the playroom?

Jack Jack put the space to good use right away.
Before I had even finished haha.

So, so happy to have a completely Jack-proof [and comfy - it's the only room in the house with carpet!] place for this little boy to play all day.
He already loves it in there.

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