T got time off!

T hasn't had a day off in what seems like forever.
But FINALLY...some vacay!
He got the 4th & 5th off as holidays
and then took the whole next week off for a family reunion.
Best 11 days ever.

The day after the 4th we went bowling with T's fam.

Jack got tired and threw a huge fit...

T & I played basketball against each other in the arcades.
I'm player 2.

[okay so we played a second time and T killed me.]

We finally started a regular family running schedule.
Excuse that we all look like banshees.
It's before 7am, after all.

 On Saturday after the 4th we attended our nephew Stephen's baptism.
Then we partied at Alyson's.
Swimming + BBQ.
Cory made the most delicious sliders. So yum.

After Jack Jack got tired of swimming, he cuddled with Aunt Alyson while Mommy & Daddy swam.

We decided to buy Jack a new car seat and turn him front-facing.
He's almost a year (yes, I know the new recommendation is 2 years)
and he's around 23 pounds and it is WAY too hot to be rear-facing if you can avoid it.

He likes it :]

Sometimes in the morning I hear Jack chatting away.
Go into his room to get him and this is what you will find:
an 11 month old baby happily reading a book.

 Oh. And he's a little impatient when it comes to bath time.
He really wants to get in the water ASAP so if you don't hurry and put him in
he might try to climb in himself.

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