Utah Vacay: The rest of the days

This picture is actually from our first night in Utah but my sis texted it to me after I did that post.
We went to Hokulia shaved ice which is THE BEST shaved ice in the USA
[I've heard Hawaii's is pretty good...]
This is the worst. picture. ever.
[thanks, Jai]
but it's all we've got.
...and no pictures of the shave ice. Fail.

Jack is friendly with everyone.
He had fun climbing all over Uncle Ryan.

Sleepy face.
[He stayed up like 3 hours past bedtime every night.]

Look at these knees from army crawling all over the carpet!

Sleeping in a pack-n-play right by Mommy's bed was not ideal to Jack.
So...he tried to climb out.
He almost succeeded, too!
Needless to say, he ended up on the air mattress with me most nights.

But when he DID sleep in his crib, I'd find him like this in the morning...
bum bum straight up in the air.

 Of COURSE we had to go to Kneaders for breakfast one morning.
All you can eat, most delicious ever, french toast for $5.

Ryan & Rachel's house is [understandably] not baby proof.
I have to admit, mine isn't either haha.
Jack got into EVERYTHING.
His favorites were the DVDs
[which are organized in alphabetical order...I can't tell you how good I got at alphabetizing for how many times I had to put them back!]
and the picture frames and Ryan's xbox.

...oh and kitchen cabinets, of course.

 One afternoon Jack Jack & I had lunch at Dr. Gibson's office where I used to work.
I still miss it SO much!
...even though my new job of being a Mommy is a million times better than any other job.
This is my BFF, Chelsy.
She's 20+ weeks pregnant here, look how TINY she is!

Sometimes I dress my baby up in girl stuff.
Okay, almost never.
But I did put my sun hat on him.
He did not think that was cool.

 My sibs played Halo.
See my feet?
I chilled while they did that...I'm not an Xbox girl.

One afternoon while we swam, Kelli's super cute, super sweet MIL played with Jack Jack
[the water was too cold for him].

 He loved it.
Michelle is going to be a super fun Grandma.
Come on, Kelli & Taylor...procreate!

Aaaand this is Jack Jack on the way home.

 I guess he likes road trips.

And just to leave you with some ridiculous cuteness...
oh. my. gosh.


  1. this looks so fun! i miss utah a lot. we used to go get shaved ice there and it is DELICIOUS!


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