What we've been up to lately.

Since we've been back from Utah
life has seemed so relaxed.
Before we left I spent what felt like years on a felt book I was trying to finish in time for Chelsy's shower
[I did!]
and lots of time planning the shower/getting ready for Utah/trying to get as much done around the house as I could before we left.
It's so nice to have a much shorter [and not time sensitive] to-do list.

Jack & I have spent time chilling on the couch watching cartoons.
 We watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Sid the Science Kid, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Not all in one day...we watch like max 2 episodes of anything per day.

This kid learned how to pull himself up while we were in Utah and can therefore now open all cabinets.
He is into EVERYTHING.

Since we haven't installed cabinet locks yet
[gah, I hate them!]
I had to rubber band some of our cabinets shut.

 I let Jack get into the cabinet with plastic cups and he LOVES to pull them all out.
He also opened that drawer above them.
That's what you get for having a tall baby.

Today he opened our bedroom wardrobe and pulled all my pajamas and work out clothes out.
He was so proud.
Do you see how high those handles are?
He can reach those!

When Jack wakes up early and Mommy & Daddy are still tired
he reads books in our bed.

How cute is that!?

And then since he woke up really early, he crashes in our bed a little bit later.

Sometimes we just hang out and make silly faces and take pictures on the front-facing camera.

Jack experienced going through his first car wash the other day.
He wasn't sure what to think at first but he liked it part of the time!
ummm...excuse my finger.

This is an accidental family portrait. Awesome.

Later that day we enjoyed Vanilla Bean Frapp's from Starbucks.
So yum.
Even though I've offered Jack drinks through straws dozens of times he has never been able to figure it out.
The second I gave him the straw to my Starbucks...SLURP. Figured it out in a second.
It's that good and he knows it.

Sweet cousin Kate shared her Popsicle with Jack all of her own choice!

Yesterday Jack & I dropped Daddy off at work so we could run errands.
When he texted me to say he was ready to be picked up, Jack was still napping.
This is pre-waking him up.

...and this is post:
Hahaha, poor little guy.

We finally hung some pictures in our house!
Wedding pictures are up in our bedroom.

I love it, T loves it, and even Jack loves it.
He definitely started clapping when I showed it to him this morning.

...and that, my friends, is the end of my random happenings of the last week.
I'm CAUGHT up and will try to stay that way!

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  1. he is so sweet marci! that little smile in every single picture, he looks like the happiest baby


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