16 & 17.

At 16 weeks...

- I saw my OB.
- The nurse weighed me in at +8lb since my last appointment 4 weeks ago.
- I almost started crying because that's 2 lb a WEEK and I thought I was being so careful!
- I realized later she definitely weighed me wrong. I have weighed myself on three scales since and they all come in 4-6lb below what she weighed me at. We'll see what happens at my next appointment. I'm guessing the scale will say I lost weight or didn't gain at all. Ha.
- Because of my +8lb in 4 weeks scare I've cut out desserts except for one treat per week and have been adding 45 minute walks on days I don't run AND have been doing my Summer Sanders Prenatal workout DVD every single morning - minus Sundays.
I thought I felt him/her a handful of times starting around 14.5 weeks but I could never tell for of 16 weeks 1 day...definite baby movements!
I didn't think it would be as exciting as last time but YES it is!
I feel so happy every time I feel him/her.
It still just feels like bubbles popping or little tiny butterflies but it is definitely baby movements!
- I am sort of hoping for a boy and I was convinced it was a boy for awhile but...
lately in my head it's always "she" or "her"
like "she's moving!"
- Baby's HB sounded great at OB appointment.
- My OB said, "Wow! That is an impressive belly for 16 weeks!"
Sigh. There is nowhere for baby to go except out, okay!?
But, for the record, I still feel tiny compared to my pregnancy with Jack.
- I am way more exhausted now than I ever was in the first trimester.
If I lay down even for a second, I'm out cold.
Maybe it's because Jack started walking and he is EVERYWHERE.
Even a non-pregnant person would be exhausted!
- The OB said he likes to do the ultrasound between 21-22 weeks since the heart can be seen more clearly at that point. We should find out the gender around the 2nd week of Sept.

At 17 weeks...

- My belly has POPPED out for sure!
It happened overnight between 16 weeks 6 days and 17 weeks.
Seriously, overnight.
I can't suck in anymore.
- Even the tiniest of my pre-pregnancy jeans still slide on easily...AND button!
So proud.
- It's getting really hard to run because baby puts a lot of pressure on my bladder when I'm running...I feel like I'm going to pee the entire time and it's really uncomfortable!
How some women run through week 40, I will never know. The day I pee my pants running is the day I call it quits.
- I have round ligament pain this time around [no such thing with Jack!]
but it has only happened 3-4 times since the first one 2ish weeks ago.
- Laying on my tummy is starting to get a little bit uncomfortable.
Sad, sad, sad.
- I feel baby at least once a day even though movements are still really teeny tiny.

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