18 & 19

At 18 weeks...

-My lower back is really achy every night...all. night. long.  I wake up several times a night feeling like I need to crack it or stretch it or just get up and walk around.
Btw I never do get up and walk around, it just seems like I should. But I'm too lazy/tired.
-It's getting so much harder to run.  

I'm doing the C25K program with T
[this is my second time through it]
and we are on week 7 of 8.
You are only running a little over 2 miles but I can tell I'm getting close to my limit.
This is really hard because I got up to being pretty comfortable running 6 miles after I had Jack. I can't believe how much pregnancy is affecting my athletic abilities. Ugh.
-I started to double up on sports bras while exercising.
This is very new to me since I really didn't exercise much during my pregnancy with Jack
and when I'm not pregnant I barely need a bra at all. Ha.
-Round ligament pain at its finest.
I occasionally wake up in the night with sharp pains in my sides after rolling over.
-T felt the baby move!
-My very first pair of jeans wouldn't button :[
-My belly won't go flat anymore...even when I'm lying down.

At 19 weeks...

-I ran until 19 weeks 4 days and then had to call it quits.
It was only a 2.75 mile run but after I hit mile 1 my back really started to hurt.
Like not just ache but a pretty sharp pain running from my lower back left side, down my bum, and into my thigh.
I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the run but I didn't want to feel like a quitter so I did.
And then the rest of the day was awful.
I had mild abdominal cramping when I finished the run and my back killed all day.
As obsessed as I am with trying not to gain any more than 28lb this time around I know my limits...and unfortunately I've surpassed them in the running department.
From now on it's walking every day [which Jack & I do on a regular basis anyway] possibly with some running intermixed.
-I also do prenatal workout DVDs 6 days a week.
My favorites are Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout10 Minute Solution: Prenatal Pilates, and 15 to Fit: Prenatal Fitness for the Entire Body (mostly I like the arms workout on this last one).

[oh my goodness, this kid!]

-I forgot how important it was to cross your legs while sneezing when pregnant.
I will let you guess what happened.
-I did some research (on Pinterest, of course) of ways to relieve lower back pain in pregnancy and found this video which is created by a chiropractor. The stretch she teaches is so easy and has been helping SO much. I do it every night before bed and since I've started my lower back has been aching way less and I haven't woken up in the night due to back pain.

-Today, at 19 weeks 6 days, I had my first stranger ask if I was pregnant.
Last time this happened in week 16 so HOORAY!
This is what I was wearing today and it did make my bump pretty obvious so I think I could have made it even a little longer if I wasn't accentuating the bump.

-It's getting pretty uncomfortable to lay on my tummy. Boo.
-I'm getting really, really annoyed with breakouts.
Pregnancy and my skin do not get along.
I had serious breakouts my entire pregnancy with Jack and it hasn't been any different this time around.
It's so frustrating! I've tried everything I can think of including these lovely mud masks:

Nothing works.
If you have any ideas for me, PLEASE let me know!

Tomorrow is the big 2-0!
Excited to be almost halfway but can't believe there are still 20 weeks to go!

PS I know I have one million pregnancy selfies but last time I didn't take enough and I'm wishing I had more to compare with.
So yes, there's an overload.

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