35 at 1

I still can't believe my sweet little baby is 1!
Yes, I totally copied this chalkboard from Pinterest.
As luck would have it, Jack Jack wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good picture of him AND the chalkboard.
This is the best picture I have. The chalkboard is mostly readable and Jack is looking somewhat in my direction ha.
But here's the chalkboard alone [post-Jack Attacked] so you can see it better.

Here are 35 things about our sweet Jack Jack at 1 year old...
[hence the post name, 35 at 1. Just in case you were still confused.]

1. He is 22 pounds, 12 oz and 29.5" long. Both are the 50th percentile.
2. He wears size 4 diapers and size 12 month clothes.
3. He love, love, loves cats and dogs [on the loose, mind you] but he cries at birds in cages or fish in tanks. We can't figure it out.

4. He gets into everything like the cabinets at the doctor's office

& the kitchen pantry

 & his dresser drawers

& my clothes

 & the diaper bag

& the fireplace

& the TV cords

and the list goes on!

5. He loves to wave and say "hi" to everyone he sees. People we pass in the store, cars on the street, animals, everyone, everything.
6. When I pick him and the diaper bag up he knows we are leaving the house and waves "bye." I still haven't figured out what he's saying bye to...the house, his toys?
7. He says 3 words: Mama, Hi, and Uh-Oh
8. He crawls with one knee and one foot.
9. His favorite toys are cars and trucks and anything that makes music.
10. His favorite game is to put toys in the back of his dump truck and then push it around the playroom.

Pretty sure all of his toys plus my phone and camera have all made it into the back of the dump truck at one time or another.
11. He loves to play with the cups and tupperware in the kitchen.

12. He can entertain himself for a LONG time....usually playing with the tupperware and cups.
13. He recently learned how to talk on the phone and now does it all the time. Anything will work as a phone...
like his hand

or a puzzle piece

 or anything else in sight.
14. He loves pretty much all food besides Macaroni & Cheese (what?!).
15. His very favorite foods are oatmeal and PB&J sandwiches.

16. He's a really good sport about having photo shoots with me when I'm bored.

17. He LOVES to swim.

 18. He likes to "help" around the house.
Like with emptying the dishwasher.
 The problem is he tries to empty it while I'm trying to load it haha.

He even tried to help me screw in outlet covers.

 19. He loves sticking his face up to the vent when the air conditioner is on.
I die every time.

20. He loves to read books.

21. We often catch him reading silently in his crib after a nap or in the morning.
22. Sometimes I don't even know how long he has been awake because he's just so quiet when he gets up. Today I only knew he had woken up from a nap because I heard him sneeze. He's so patient!
23. He loves bath time...except for when he has to get his hair washed. He hates getting any water in his face and he hates laying on his back in the tub. Those two things combined make it really hard to rinse his hair out.

24. He hates getting dressed. He cries almost every time.
I think he mostly doesn't like being forced to stay in one place for a few minutes.

25. He "sings" along with me when I sing to him at night time. We think it's the cutest thing ever.
26. He loves music. Whenever he hears it, he waves one hand in the air like he's leading it.
27. He just got teeth #7 & #8.
28. When we ask "all done?" after meals he will raise both hands up and wave them if he's done. I think it means "no more" haha.
29. He just learned to point with his index finger. He points at stuff all the time.
30. He loves to pull things out of drawers, buckets, cabinets. Luckily, he just learned how to put it back IN and likes to do that, too. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite figured out how to put all my clothes back where they belong after pulling them out.
31. He started throwing mini tantrums in the last month. Sometimes he throws his head back (really dramatically) while crying and sometimes (if he's sitting) he puts his forehead on the ground and cries. The second one is really sad to watch. Luckily they don't last long.
32. He claps when he's proud of himself.
33. He laughs at every little kid he sees. Apparently they're hilarious. Hopefully his little brother or sister feels the same way.
34. He just barely stopped nursing completely. For the last few weeks he has been nursing only at night and then he started nursing for only 30 seconds-a minute on each side and after I confirmed with his doctor at his 1 yr checkup that he really doesn't need breast milk anymore, I stopped nursing completely. Jack hasn't even cried once or tried to nurse. I guess he was done! It makes me more sad than I thought to be past that stage and I definitely miss the bonding aspect of nursing but you have to move on and let them grow up eventually, right? Sigh.
35. He is the absolute sweetest baby we could have ever asked for.

We cannot believe how lucky we are to have sweet Jack in our family.
We feel so blessed to get to be his parents.
We are loving watching Jack learn and grow and are amazed every day at the new things he does and learns.
I absolutely love being a mommy to this little boy.

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