5th Anni!

Well I'm seriously ridiculously behind in blogging.
FYI our computer still isn't working because we can't find the disk to reformat it.
So I can only blog on T's laptop when he gets home from work.
By the time dinner is done, Jack is down, etc, etc I'm too pooped to even think about blogging.
So...I just don't. Clearly.
So anyway, forgive that I'm posting about our anniversary like 3 weeks late.

First of all. I cannot believe it has been 5 years!
That makes me feel sort of old 
even though I was only 19 when we got married so I'm still young :]
And then sometimes it seems like how has it only been 5 years?
I feel like we have been together a lifetime!
I can't even imagine my life without this man by my side.

 Last year our anniversary was spent with me suffering from PUPPP rash.
So un-fun.
This year I definitely wanted to spent our anniversary doing something a little more fun than hanging out in labor & delivery bawling over the decision whether to be induced or not.
And the hubby definitely came through :]
I got this invitation on my phone two days pre-anniversary:

Eeeek! A night away!
My first time ever leaving Jack Jack overnight and I admit I was a little bit terrified.
Not because he would miss me
[he seriously didn't]
but because I knew I would miss him a ridiculous amount.
I almost cried like five times but we kept ourselves busy and I just kept remembering how grand of a time Jack was having at Grandma & Grandpa Wallace's.

We started our night with dinner at Texas yum!

My only complaint?
It took forever for my cup of chili to come out.
T told me I was probably the only person in the restaurant ordering chili in the middle of July so they had to make it especially for me. Ha.
I can't help it...I always want soupy type foods!

After our delish dinner we checked into our cute little Marriott hotel
and spent the evening relaxing and laughing
[especially over the prices of breakfast room service...$5 for one egg? Come on.]
Oh...and at the lady who was screaming at the top of her lungs "how dare you!" and for someone to "get out!" because "I don't even care if you don't have underwear on!"
We still can't decide what we think happened but we have lots of speculations haha.

T was patient with me and endured a mini photo session.

He probably hears "I have to blog about it!" a million times a week.
Or just every time he protests picture-taking.

Saturday morning we hit the hotel gym
[we never get to go to the gym!...we're poor.]

....aaand there's a baby bump!

So Friday night we endured an hour+ of a false fire alarm.
First the alarm sounded for awhile.
Then an automated voice came over the speakers:
"A fire has been reported on your floor."
Over and over and over again.
T checked out the peep hole and we saw nothing to be concerned about so we didn't bother leaving our room.
Eventually the firemen came on the loud speaker and told us they were having issues with the alarm system but there was no fire.
Then the auto voice told us we should evacuate.
We still weren't planning on leaving haha.
Then the firemen came back on and strictly told us to not evacuate!
They probably had lots of people coming downstairs and were sick of them haha.
He must have repeated like five times, "I repeat, do NOT evacuate. Stay in your rooms."
This happened from 3am-4:30am.
Super fun.
So much for a night of guaranteed uninterrupted sleep.

In the end we agreed it was totally worth our loss of sleep
since we got FREE BREAKFAST
[and it was even french toast, which I was craving. How lucky is that?!]

AND they waived our valet fee (which was $28).
Basically our entire getaway was FREE since T used points to book the hotel room.

Oh. Except that he took me shopping in the afternoon and we spent $70 at H&M.
But hey, I shopped their 50% sale sale and got 11 items for $70.

We got back home to Sacramento around 2pm to find a very happy Jack Jack who seriously didn't even notice we were gone.
He had way too much fun at Grandma & Grandpa's.
Maybe we should do this more often...

Thanks for the much-needed couple's getaway, babe!
Love you forever <3

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