Jack Jack: 1 year check-up

Jack Jack had his one year check-up last week!
I already posted his stats in another post but...
Height: 29.5" Weight: 22lb12oz
Both are 50th percentile.
His head is still in the 80th percentile :]
He thought the doctor's office was so much fun
since there were lots of cupboards to explore!

Dr. Nutting said he was really impressed with Jack's speech and social skills.
Yay Jack Jack!
He said that by 18 months he should be saying 4-5 words.
Considering he already says three words I don't see that being a problem :]
Dr. Nutting also said he was surprised he wasn't walking on his own yet
because he seemed so sturdy and confident on his feet.
He told me he was pretty sure he'd be walking within a couple weeks.
Jack started walking 6 days later so I guess the doctor knew what he was talking about!

Jack Jack had to get three shots this time.
One in each thigh and one in the arm.
This is his pre-shot face.
[Before he knew what was coming...]

...getting ready.
This picture makes me so sad!
Poor baby doesn't know we're about to be so mean to him!

This was our saddest shot experience by far.
The nurse always has me hold Jack's legs down while she gives the shot
and it's always sad
but the last time Jack had shots was at 6 months and it was so different then.
This time he was laughing when I leaned over him to hold his legs
because he thought it was so funny.
And then...BAM. Shot.
And he started screaming and trying to push me away from him.
Soooo sad.
Tears streaming down his cheeks, trying desperately to push me off of him
and BAM another shot in the other leg.
Seriously I felt like the meanest mom.
He just looked at me like "what are you doing to me!?"
So then the nurse tells me to pick him up and he stops crying for a second
[funny how you can be the enemy one minute then the hero the next]
and THEN she had to give him the last shot in the arm.
Oh my goodness.
Poor Jack thought I was saving him and instead I had to hold him still for one more.
Seriously, so sad.
It was the closest I've ever been to tears during shots.
Our brave little boy only cried for like 15 seconds after the last shot and then was back to being his happy, little self.
As soon as we got home he went right to playing in the playroom.
I guess it wasn't as traumatic for him as it was for me.

Look at those chunky thighs!

So happy our little boy is healthy & happy & right on track!

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