Sometimes Jack Jack gets caught doing things he's not supposed to do.
Like playing with the fireplace cord.
This is his "you caught me" face.

Sometimes Jack & I have photo shoots while we're waiting for Daddy after work.

Sometimes we go to lunch with Grandma & Grandpa Davis.
Sometimes Uncle Chris comes.
Sometimes Uncle Chris & Jack Jack fall asleep in the car...holding hands.

Sometimes I have to wake Jack up from a nap to get Daddy from work.
Sometimes he gives Daddy this face when Daddy says hi!

Sometimes Jack plays with his cousins' kitties.
Sometimes they bite him.
He keeps playing with them.

Sometimes I wonder how my sister keeps up with THREE kids
when I'm having a hard time keeping track of this one.

Sometimes I feel like T is never going to get home from work.

Sometimes Jack takes a break from getting into things and spends some time looking out the window.
Emphasis on sometimes.

Sometimes our neighbor gives us fresh veggies from his garden!
Cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, and more!
Sometimes we put some of these goodies in our salads.

Sometimes Jack plays with leftover birthday balloons for hours.

Sometimes Jack tries to spell words with his refrigerator letters.

Sometimes Jack gets to sit in the front seat while we wait for Daddy after work.

Sometimes our neighbor gives us really teeny tiny peppers.

They are really hot.
Warning: Do not touch your nose after cutting up really teeny tiny peppers.
It will burn for a long time.

Sometimes we have a date night to the temple.
...and 12 year old girls photo bomb us.

Sometimes I take ridiculously cute videos of Jack.
And re-watch them 239842903894023984x

Sometimes [okay, all week] Jack's playroom looks like this.

And then sometimes [once per week when I vacuum] it looks like this.

15 minutes after Jack wakes up from his nap it's back to looking like picture #1.
Have I mentioned before how much I love having a playroom?
It can be messy all week long and I don't even care :]

Sometimes Jack hangs out under the table after he's done with dinner.
And plays peek-a-boo with me & Daddy while we finish eating.

Sometimes I find pictures like these on my camera
courtesy of the hubs.
He gets bored in between taking weekly pictures of my bump.

Sometimes we take one million weird pictures.

Sometimes I have to take one million and one pictures of Jack
before we get a decent shot.

There are seriously even more than this.

Sometimes I feed Jack Mac & Cheese.
He takes one bite then pushes it away.
Not sometimes.
Every time.

Sometimes Jack can entertain himself for hours playing in the tupperware drawer.
Oh...and do you notice that all his magnets are missing from the refrigerator?
That's because he hides them in the tupperware drawer. Haha

Sometimes I snap really adorable pictures of this kid.

Sometimes Jack falls into the toy bin while trying to reach toys at the very bottom.
Bahahhahaa. I die every time I look at this.

Sometimes Jack reads two books at once.
Yeah, he's a genius.
[He even reads them with one upside-down.]

See those wood slats outside?

Sometimes I think they're higher than they really are.
And I run into them face-first. Hard.
And give myself a black eye.

Sometimes I go on random day trips with my mom, grandma & uncle
[and Jack Jack].
We take the scenic route which takes TWO hours. the end of the two hours we end up at a random walking trail in the middle of a campsite.
Then we hike the trail [it takes five minutes]
snap a few pictures

and make the two hour drive back.
Okay, so this only happened once.

Sometimes PwC gives us tickets to River Cats games.

Sometimes we get cotton candy.
[Jack LOVED it.]

And sometimes kids at the game teach Jack how to pull [and throw] grass.
We are hoping he has already forgotten this new trick.

Sometimes Jack is so pooped by the time we leave the game that he falls asleep as soon as he's buckled in his car seat.

Sometimes we go to cousins' birthday parties.
Sometimes there are bounce houses.

[Jack wasn't really sure what to do in the bounce house...
he mostly sat and watched Faith and Hayden - the birthday boy! - jump around].

Sometimes Jack cruises the house naked.

And then sometimes he suddenly just starts WALKING.

It's not so surprising anymore since he walks everywhere now
but that first time !!! ahhhh!

Sometimes we stop by the park mid-run so Jack Jack can play on the swings.


Sometimes I go with my little sister to her eye doctor appointment so I can help her pick out new glasses.

[she chose the top ones]

Sometimes I try glasses on too.
Just for fun.
[my vision is like 20/20]

Sometimes our lives are pretty good.
Okay, all the time.

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