What We Wear Wednesday

- Marci -
Top:: Lavish Maternity by Heidi Klum, bought at Ross
Seriously, if/when you're expecting check Ross for maternity clothes! Lavish is a line for A Pea in the Pod and everything is SO expensive there! I got this shirt for $10 at Ross. Plus so many other shirts for $10 or under. And maternity leggings for $4! Just make sure you go often because it's hit & miss. The maternity section is pretty small but there is always something new!
Jeans: Gap Maternity
Heels: Steve Madden from DSW
I don't know if anyone else agrees with me but oh my goodness I cannot WAIT for colder weather! It's so dang hot here and I hate most of my summer maternity clothes so I'm always dying in jeans/long pants.
I know my outfits are pretty boring lately but it's way too hot to layer so I'm always just wearing jeans and a simple top.
Come colder weather, I promise better outfits!

- Jack Jack -
Top: TJ Maxx ($10!)
*Go A's!*
PS Let me tell you the only sports team I ever rooted for before I married T was the Kings.
Not that I follow the A's or Raiders [T's teams] besides watching occasional games with him but every baby boy article of clothing that's A's or Raiders I immediately want to buy it!
Boys & sports just go together.
I'm intent on turning Jack into an avid sports fan [and by that I mean an avid Raiders, A's and Kings fan] at a young age.
Oh, and of course we will always cheer for BYU.
And 19 week bump pictures!
My loose top makes it hard to see how big I really am...
I feel like it makes me look bigger than in real life.

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