A few things from the weekend

Monday, September 30, 2013

It was a happy weekend!
Jack & I enjoyed every minute with Daddy since he's going to be awfully busy with work the next two weeks.

I got a Kohl's $10 off card in the mail last week.
Went to browse on Saturday and spotted this newborn outfit I'd been admiring at Carter's.
With my 15% off card + my $10 mail gift card my grand total out-of-pocket was 91 cents!
This cute little outfit is now hanging in my closet for me to drool over every day.

We had Wallace FHE at Alyson's house.
We always love, love, love family get-togethers.
Jack Jack had a grand time pushing around this baby stroller he found in Claire & Kate's room.
What good practice for being a big brother!
...except I'm pretty sure he thought it was a car.
Anything with wheels is a car haha

And the BIG happy news from this weekend?
Yep we finally got to cut it off on Sunday!
The before picture:

And the after's...

And just so you can feel like you were there for the big event...
the video of Jack walking for the first time after getting his cast off.
Just so you know, he was walking much more steadily on it by Sunday night.
Good thing because I was a worried little mama after his first few steps/falls.

And it was a very happy Sunday night when Jack Jack got to TAKE A BATH!
Seriously he was so excited!

Look at that happy face!

And last but certainly not least
Daddy opened his birthday presents tonight even though his birthday isn't until Tuesday.
Since he's going to be working late some nights he was worried Jack might be in bed before he got home on his birthday.
I made him keep one present [the best one, of course] for Tuesday morning.
You can't not open ANY presents on your actual birthday!
PS It was bedtime and Jack was being a cranky little thing which is why he's crying and trying to get away from Daddy haha
...but he did eventually enjoy helping Daddy remove tissue paper from the bags :]

22 & 23

Sunday, September 29, 2013

At 22 weeks...

-I'm starting to fit into some of my maternity tops that previously had too much fabric in the tummy.
-I had my first pregnancy Charley Horse. Not fun.
-We are starting to see the baby moving from the outside a lot. Very fun.

-We have not decided on a name. It probably will stay that way until little man makes his big debut.
While T suggested "Jack" a few weeks after we found out Jack was a boy we didn't officially settle on the name until we actually had him in our arms...and I actually sort of liked it that way. I don't want to commit to a name and then feel like I have to stick with it just because I've announced it. So even if we DO come to an agreement on a name [we haven't yet] there will probably be nothing set in stone [and no name announcement] until we meet the little guy.

-Three strangers talked to me about my pregnancy...all in the same day. This is the surefire way of knowing you are showing enough that people are not afraid you might just be a little chunky.

At 23 weeks...

-I'm trying to maintain a regular exercise routine. Jack & I go walking 5 days a week, anywhere from 1-5 miles. Usually it's closer to 5. On days that we walk closer to one mile (usually this is when we walk to a nearby park) I hop on the stationary bike during Jack's afternoon nap and ride for 30 minutes. I aim to burn 300-400 calories every day. On good workout days I burn closer to 500.
[hopefully I am also burning calories throughout the day chasing little Jack-O-Lantern and doing chores around the house. I tell you that I work up a sweat cleaning the bathrooms 2x per week.]
-Now that the weather is nicer [meaning COOLER, yay!], Jack & I have been making frequent stops at the swings on our morning walks. Can I count pushing him in the swing as my arm workout? I do.

-I'm starting to feel especially large. Yesterday it was difficult to fold laundry [since I do it sitting on the couch and put the folded clothes on the floor...all that bending over? Aye!]

-I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction. No pain but my tummy was hard as a rock when I woke up one morning this week.
-I thought I'd attempt to run to the park and back for our morning exercise. It's only a half mile each way and we planned to stop at the swings so I'd have a break after the first half mile. HA. I barely made it the first half mile. My legs were so crampy and I immediately felt my sides pulling from the weight of my belly. We ended up walking And the rest of the day the side ligaments supporting my belly felt tight and sore. Double boo. I did end up walking a total of 3.5 miles that day AND rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes.

-Baby had hiccups for the first time [that I felt]...and then several times after that.


High Five for Friday!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Do you follow Lauren Elizabeth?
Her blog is so fun and full of fashion/decorating/beauty/style tips.
It's just one of those blogs where you wish you could be real-life friends with the owner ha!
ANYway, she does a really fun link-up on Fridays called High Five for Friday (or H54F).
Basically you reflect on your past week and share five favorite or memorable moments from the week.
I've been meaning to link up with her for H54F for WEEKS and finally...
my first High Five for Friday post!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

1. Pretty sure my fingers are going to be bleeding soon from all the hours I've been putting into this little project. I promise I'll post more about it when it's done. By the way, it's a really fun project and I'm loving working on's just VERY time-consuming.
2. I've had lots of nap-time snuggles (in my bed) this week with this little boy who suddenly has started refusing naps in his crib way too often. Even though I wish he'd go back to his regular sleeping schedule, I'm not complaining about the excuse to snuggle.
3. During an especially boring (and no-nap) afternoon this week, Jack & I trekked the mile to Target to check out their double strollers. I finally made my official decision and am going with the Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect.
4. This cute little kitty has been spotted in our front yard more than once (along with the 5 other cats who hang out in our yard on a regular basis...we have no idea why) but last night we found her in our backyard...pawing at our sliding glass door! I was so tempted to bring her in and keep her but if I had, I don't think I would be here today to tell you about it...T hates the cats.
5. This little college-going sister FINALLY called me this week for the first time since she left for BYU. I was pretty sure she fell off the face of the planet. The moment was ruined a little bit when she confessed she was calling per instructions of mom. I'll take it anyway. Miss you, Jai!

Happy Friday!

What We Wear Wednesday

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

*Disclaimer: I promise I know that my backyard has the worst lighting in the WORLD [at any time of day]. I just need to start loading Jack up in the stroller and traveling to a better photographing location.  One day, my friends.

- Marci -

Top: H&M Mama
Cardi: H&M during their "50% off sale" sale. I think it was $5 :]
Jeggings: Old Navy
Flats: Walmart

Okay and I just have to show you this picture because it's hilarious.
Jack was playing in the backyard while I was taking these and he was chewing on a rock so this is my "Jack, that's yucky" face. Hahaha

- Jack Jack -

Top: Carter's
Leggings: Carter's
Dirt on his face: Courtesy of all the rocks and sticks he was eating
Cast: Comes off in 4 DAYS!!..for real this time.
Sock covering cast: Mommy's closet

Oh and don't forget the star on his bum haha

And your 23.5 week bump pic

Oh. And you need to know that Jack took his very first selfie today.
He got hold of my camera and figured out how to take pictures.
I about died when I saw this on my camera.

Jack Jack: 14 Months

He's 14 months?!
Time slow down!
Here's what our little bugger is up to at 14 months.

He LOVES to climb the stairs at Grandma & Grandpa's.
We chase him up & down constantly.
 [the fact that he has a cast now hasn't slowed him down on the stairs at ALL]

He is 100% obsessed with cats.
He can spot them ANYWHERE.
And he'll do anything to get to them.
Like attempt to maneuver through Aunt Jamie's pig sty room
[can you see the kitty on the desk chair?]

He loves music, including the piano.

Before the broken leg, he loved to play outside on our patio.
He loves exploring out there!

[again before the cast...]
he loved bath time!
He is not such a fan of the sponge baths he's been getting for the last 4 weeks.

He cries every time we drop Daddy off somewhere.
Like the airport.
This is Daddy saying bye to Jack Jack.

...and the second the door closes?

Bye, Daddy!

...and here is Jack's still-sad face after the 30 minute drive home.
This happens any time we drop Daddy off at work too.

He loves to play in the bay window...
because he sees cats sometimes haha

 He has become a big fan of not wanting to take an afternoon nap
even though he is VERY tired.
On days this happens
[once every couple weeks]
he sits on the couch and watches a movie.

Sometimes he's so tired that he gets mad at me for looking at him
and especially for taking pictures of him.

Sometimes I snuggle up with him and we take a nap together since he refuses one alone.

He likes to "help" by taking the clothes out of his hamper
and putting them away in his drawers.
It's very, very helpful.

 If he's ever very quiet and I'm not sure where he is
90% of the time I will find him in his room reading books.

 His very favorite toys are cars.
Or any type of vehicle.
ANYthing with wheels.

 He loves our daily walks

especially when he sees kitties.
[Oh, and he points at EVERYthing. Everything.]

Falling asleep on walks is pretty rare for him
since there is just so much to see
BUT it does happen once in a blue moon.

He is a pro at emptying his dresser drawers.
He can do it in record time.

I clean this mess up at least 4x a week. At least.

He loves the park.
The swings are still his favorite but he is also a big fan of the slides and climbing up the steps on the play equipment.

He LOVES playing at Grandma Wallace's house.
She has tons of toys, including a bucket of cars.

He discovered a few weeks ago that Grandma Davis also has a huge bucket of cars.
He was in heaven.

 Most of them are Grandpa Davis's old cars from when he was a kid.
Some things never go out of style.

He hates anything being on his head.
Too bad because we found this adorable baby A's hat and he could have matched Daddy.

He has learned how to put his Mega Bloks together.

 He has figured out how to open the pocket door to the kitchen
so it's not successful at keeping him out while I'm in the shower anymore.

He loves Disney movies since they have lots of music.
He sat and watched Cinderella for at least 20 minutes.

and he watched half of 101 Dalmations

 He loves to climb onto the fireplace brick.

 He ends up in our bed at least twice a week.

Besides cars, non-toys are the best toys.
Like a jar of coins.

He loves birds so seeing them at Petsmart is really fun.

He learned how to climb onto the step stool.
....excuse my finger in the lens.

He's quite the comedian.
He loves to do anything he thinks will make us laugh.
He's lucky that pretty much everything he does makes us laugh.
We're the best kind of audience.

He says "OOOOO" all the time.
Anytime he sees something he loves/wants/thinks is cool.
Or if he hears an airplane.
Or if he hears a dog or a bird.
Pretty much just all the time.

He is still in love with Mr. Bunny.
He comes with us everywhere
and you can often find him wrapped up in Jack's arms.

- He waves "hi" and "bye" to everybody.
We were sitting by the door at The Habit the other day and he said "bye!" and waved at everyone who walked out.
He is the friendliest kid on earth.

-His favorite foods are grapes, PB&J's, oatmeal, and graham crackers.
He also loves any type of dessert.

-We get a lot of comments on how mellow/happy he is.
It's true.

-He says "mama," "dada," "hi," "uh-oh," "that," and "all done" (which sounds like ah-da)

-He learned how to shake his head and loves to do it anytime we say no.
Here's a video that perfectly captures what I mean:

-We are teaching him to nod but when he tries to do it he moves his entire body instead of just his head. I wish I had a video because it's hilarious.

-He LOVES water but is NOT a big fan of milk. We have to mix Nestle chocolate into the milk to get him to drink it.

-He has 9 teeth, including one molar.

-He puts his hand to his ear and says "hi!" anytime he sees a phone or hears one ring.

-He dances [by swaying back & forth while sitting down] or waves one arm in the air when he hears music.

-He can bark like a dog, meow like a cat, and say "vroom" like a car.

-If he hears sirens, an airplane, or a dog barking he points at the closest window or door
[to let us know he heard something outside?]

-He claps whenever sports are on TV.
Especially baseball.


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