20 & 21.

So I'm 22 weeks today and a little bit behind in pregnancy posts.
But here's what baby & I have been up to the last 2 weeks!
At 20 weeks...

- I had my 20 week appt with my OB. Baby's HB was 143 and sounding great!
- My weight gain is at +10 pounds
- I took a comparison picture of me at 20 weeks with Jack and 20 weeks this time...same outfit.
-I am clearly WAY smaller!
- We had our ultrasound! Baby is healthy and weighs 12 oz. The ultrasound technician said that is on the smaller size and not indicative of another 9lb baby...HUGE sigh of relief. But she also said you never know how many pounds they'll pack on at the end.
- Dr. Knight told me I am actually MORE likely to get PUPPP rash again this time time around since I've had it once before. I think I almost cried. He reassured me that it is still really rare since it occurs in less than 1% of pregnant women but just the thought of enduring that again makes me want to bawl. Oh and PS 71% of the cases of PUPPP are in women carrying boys. Oh BOY.
- I'm not waking up as often as I did in the first trimester to use the bathroom. I know it's coming back in the 3rd trimester so I'm treasuring my uninterrupted sleep while I can.
- I measured 22cm at my OB appointment.
- I had at least 5 breakdowns. I cry way more this pregnancy. Everything makes me cry.

At 21 weeks...

- I bought an exercise bike on Craigslist for $25! Deal of the century!

 I'm loving it and using it any chance I get...mostly while watching TV :]

- I wet the bed. Yep. No shame. You know why? Because I lost all my dignity when this happened to me at 30 weeks in my pregnancy with Jack. You can read about how I thought my water broke and went to L&D just to be safe here. This time I knew exactly what had happened...and was so mad! How does this happen to me ONLY when I'm pregnant!? Seriously so annoying. So. Annoying.

- I painted my toenails for what I decided was the last time for the next 19 weeks. It is getting so uncomfortable to reach! I already told my mama I would be needing her help in that department for the next several weeks.

- We found out that Baby is Baby Boy!

I knew this little face looked boy!

And if that picture doesn't convince you, this one will.

- I failed at my 1 dessert/week goal. I think I had dessert every night of 21 weeks. Oops.
- I'm still walking 5 miles five days a week.
- I was happy to note I can still sort of hide my bump with a loose shirt while laying down. Ha. The day will come when there is absolutely no hiding it so I'm savoring moments like this.

- Baby is moving like crazy. Mostly at night.
- T & I can't agree on a name. Mostly T just hates every single boy name except for Jack, which is taken.
- The billing person at the OB office called and told me we have to pay $525/month from now until January 1 so the delivery bill can be paid in full before the baby's due date. I cried. Actually more like I bawled. Really, I seriously cry over everything.
- I'm still experiencing round ligament pain, mostly at night when I roll over.
- I somehow resisted buying every cute baby item I saw at Target the 3x I went during the week.
But if I go into Target one more time I'm pretty sure this outfit is going to jump into my cart:
It has been really anxious to go home with me.
I told it "no" three times already
[one of those times it even made it off the rack and halfway into my cart].
I don't think I'll be able to resist a 4th time.
- I am so much more tired than I was in the first trimester. I thought the second trimester is when you are supposed to get your boost of energy? I think I took 3 naps during week 21. Most weeks I allow myself zero naps.
- I'm overall feeling great and being grateful for good pregnancy health!
On to week 22!

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