A few things from the weekend

It was a happy weekend!
Jack & I enjoyed every minute with Daddy since he's going to be awfully busy with work the next two weeks.

I got a Kohl's $10 off card in the mail last week.
Went to browse on Saturday and spotted this newborn outfit I'd been admiring at Carter's.
With my 15% off card + my $10 mail gift card my grand total out-of-pocket was 91 cents!
This cute little outfit is now hanging in my closet for me to drool over every day.

We had Wallace FHE at Alyson's house.
We always love, love, love family get-togethers.
Jack Jack had a grand time pushing around this baby stroller he found in Claire & Kate's room.
What good practice for being a big brother!
...except I'm pretty sure he thought it was a car.
Anything with wheels is a car haha

And the BIG happy news from this weekend?
Yep we finally got to cut it off on Sunday!
The before picture:

And the after's...

And just so you can feel like you were there for the big event...
the video of Jack walking for the first time after getting his cast off.
Just so you know, he was walking much more steadily on it by Sunday night.
Good thing because I was a worried little mama after his first few steps/falls.

And it was a very happy Sunday night when Jack Jack got to TAKE A BATH!
Seriously he was so excited!

Look at that happy face!

And last but certainly not least
Daddy opened his birthday presents tonight even though his birthday isn't until Tuesday.
Since he's going to be working late some nights he was worried Jack might be in bed before he got home on his birthday.
I made him keep one present [the best one, of course] for Tuesday morning.
You can't not open ANY presents on your actual birthday!
PS It was bedtime and Jack was being a cranky little thing which is why he's crying and trying to get away from Daddy haha
...but he did eventually enjoy helping Daddy remove tissue paper from the bags :]

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