Boy or Girl?

You guys.
We had our ultrasound on Thursday and the gender of our little one is sealed up in this envelope!

Actually, it's not sealed up in there anymore but T & I still don't know what we're having!
At the ultrasound I told the tech we were having a gender reveal party
so we wanted her to check what the gender was but not to tell us.
At the end when she took a picture of the genitals she had us close our eyes and then wrote "boy" or "girl" on the picture, printed it, and sealed it up in this envelope for us!
I knew I might be tempted to peek
[I was!]
so the picture is inside of a small envelope which is inside a bigger security envelope.
And the bigger envelope was sealed peeking was impossible!
My sister-in-law, Alyson, picked up the envelope from me right after our appointment.
SHE knows what we're having!...AHH what is it?!
Tomorrow night is our gender reveal party and Alyson is bringing pink or blue helium-filled balloons in a box.
I'm SO excited to find out!
I thought it would be fun to go through the old wives tales and see which symptoms match up girl and which ones say boy!
...with Jack they were 50/50 which is pretty much everyone's experience since they're just tales, after all.
But it's still fun!

According to Old Wives' Tales I could be having a girl because:

Since I am the middle child I will have children in the order my mother had except starting with the third child [obviously this is false since I am the third child and a GIRL and Jack is a BOY]. But if I was saying it was true, that would mean this baby is a GIRL because child #4 is my little sister.

I am more moody.

I don't eat the heels of loaves of bread...I've never done this, FYI.

I am LESS attractive during pregnancy.

I prefer to sleep on my right side.

My feet aren't any colder during pregnancy.

We can only agree on girl names.

I am carrying high.

My belly is shaped more like a watermelon than a basketball.

My skin is more prone to breakouts.

I crave sweets more then salty foods.

According to Old Wives' Tales I could be having a boy because:

My legs are bigger than usual.

I dream that it's a girl. Supposedly you dream the opposite? Ha

My toddler expresses no interest in my pregnancy. Uhh?

My necklace moves back & forth when held over my hand or belly instead of in a circle 
[I've heard this myth going both ways though...back & forth for boy, circles for girl and vice-versa]

I think it's a boy. Supposedly, 71% of the time the mother's intuition is right. I'm 1 for 1 so far.

I had no morning sickness.

The baby's heart beat is more than 140bpm.

I have not gained weight in my face...yet.

The Mayan tale says so. You're supposed to add your age at conception (24) and the year you conceived (2013). An even number means you are having a girl and an odd number means you are having a boy.  Mine is odd = boy.

These are all so silly, huh!?
My pregnancy this time around is pretty similar to my pregnancy with Jack except that I'm much smaller.
And the tech said the baby weighed 12oz which is on the small side and not indicative of another 9lb baby. Of course you never know how many pounds they'll pack on at the end but I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I head that! Stay little, baby!

Here's a 3d picture of our little one.
What do you think?
Boy or girl?

I think it looks like a boy but they all really look the same haha.
Either way, it's so cute!...and looks nothing like Jack to me!

I really, really, REALLY think this is another boy
and will be very surprised if it's a girl!
We shall see.

Okay, off to finish prepping for the big gender reveal party tomorrow night!
Stay tuned!

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