Broken Leg Follow-Up

So 3.5 weeks after Jack got his cast we had a follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon.
The plan was to remove the cast, x-ray, and transition Jack to a walking boot.
We were sooo excited for this appointment because we are tired of sponge baths
[Jack really misses the bathtub!]
and we feel so bad for the poor little bugger trying to walk on his hard cast all the time.
Our little guy was so super brave having his cast removed!
I have like 50 too many pictures...I just couldn't narrow it down!
The cast is removed with an electric saw of sorts.
The machine is really loud and you would think really scary to a 14 month old.
Jack Jack was such a good little patient though!
Here are the many brave faces of Jack.
[PS sooo happy Daddy could come to the appointment with us!]

He's saying "oooo!"
He was definitely a little bit nervous when that saw first turned on.

After about two seconds of being unsure of this whole process, Jack sat completely silently the rest of the time.

He checked with Daddy every few minutes to make sure what this lady was doing was okay. Haha

The nurse told us Jack was the best little patient she's ever had!
And the second nurse we saw couldn't stop commenting on how she couldn't believe how calm & mellow he was.
That's our Jack Jack!

And a small video so you can get the full experience ha

YAY, cast off!

He's pointing at the door...I think he was ready to leave haha

And then...x-rays.
Last time we had x-rays was a sad day!
I was the only one with Jack and couldn't sit by him because of the pregnancy.
And he had to lay down with a big machine coming over him.
This time Daddy could sit right by him
and he just had to put his leg on the machine.
So easy and Jack was SO good!
...and by the way how cute is he in that itty bitty lead vest!?

":you still there, mom?"

This was a live x-ray which was SO cool.
You could see the bone as they rotated his leg.
Jack thought it was pretty cool too.
See him pointing at the screen?

It was like watching a movie for Jack!

So the dr reviewed the x-rays and said that the bone was almost healed but Jack needed to wear a walking boot for two more weeks just as a safety precaution.
They got the tiniest boot they had and guess what?
Too big for Jack's tiny foot & leg.
Our only option?
Have him re-casted in a fiberglass cast.
We were SO sad!
Back so sponge baths.
Back to walking on a fiberglass cast.
Poor little babe!
They gave us a walking shoe but it's so hard for Jack to balance on it so we ditched it after a couple tries...he just walks directly on the cast and seems to get around pretty well.

After re-casting him they cut the sides of the fiberglass
[again with the saw!]
so that we can just cut through the sleeve/gauze in two weeks without having to come in for them to cut it off.
Two weeks after that we will see the doctor one last time just so they can x-ray and confirm his leg is 100% healed.

Happy little boy!
& such a trooper!

We went shopping after dropping Daddy off at work
then met Grandma & Grandpa at Dos Coyotes for lunch.
Jack was his normal happy self even with his extra two week sentence.

Here's to hoping the next 2 weeks FLY by!
Can't wait to kiss casts goodbye!
A mama can hope!

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