Gallery Wall

I've been wanting to do a gallery wall for awhile now.
When T went out of town I decided to finally attempt it.
It was definitely a pain in the patooty but I LOVE the end result so it was well worth it.

I started with a bunch of Goodwill frames, all of which I got 50% off on Memorial Day. I didn't pay more than $1.50 for any frame.
I also had a few things we had hanging in our last apartment [most of which we got for our wedding] including "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" in a nice frame, a wall clock, a wood sign that says "And they lived happily ever after..." and a few other frames.

I arranged and re-arranged the frames about 50 million times.

I finally decided I needed to know how much wall space I actually had to work with.
So I measured the wall according to where I wanted the area of the pictures to cover.
Then I laid out masking tape on my family room floor per the measurements.

Good thing I did this since my original layouts were either too tall or too wide.
Oh. And see the masking tape box on the middle left?
That's the AC control...I needed to make sure I left a space for it.

I knew I wanted to find a "W" so I laid out my pictures as best I could without it
but I would recommend getting anything you want in your gallery before you try laying anything out.
I ended up needing to rearrange after I bought the W.

I also picked up some cheap $1 (actually 97 cents!) frames from Walmart to fill in some small spaces.
FINALLY I found a layout I liked:

[sorry, two pictures are missing on the end because I had already removed them to hang them before I remembered to take a picture.
I flipped all the frames onto their backs so I could see the spot where the nail needed to go.
Then I taped three sheets of wax paper together and laid it out over the frames.
Using a sharpie, I marked the nail hole for each frame.

 ....I forgot to take a picture of the wax paper over the pictures, sorry.
Then with the help of two friends I taped the wax paper to the wall.

See the nail hole marks?

 Then I just hammered nails into each sharpie mark.
I spray painted all my ugly Goodwill frames white.

My BFF helped me to rub the vinyl quote onto the wall
[pain in the butt, I tell you but well worth it].
A huge thanks to my SIL, Lisa, for giving it to us as a house-warming gift.

Here is the sort-of final result.
I say sort-of because I did end up needing to move some pictures a tiny bit up.down/left/right.
Like that family picture on the moved up a bit.

 All of the printables I used came from this very blog.
You can find them at the following links:

I love so many things about this gallery wall.
The pictures are easy to change to switch up the entire look.
It makes a HUGE statement in our hallway.
It's a great way to feature multiple pictures/printables.
It makes me smile seeing these pictures every single time I walk down the hallway.


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