Gender Reveal

Relive our gender reveal party with me.

First off...the food.
Team Boy food table.

Team boy cupcakes!
Got a mustache silhouette from Google Images, traced to black cardstock, cut out, and taped to toothpicks.
Simple, simple!

 Team Boy cotton candy.
Bought the store stuff for 98 cents a tub, separated the cotton candy and wrapped them in saran wrap tied with blue ribbons.
Cheap, easy, fun!

We also had blue tootsie rolls, blue salt water taffy (both from WinCo bulk section) and "It's a Boy!" cream mints from the dollar store.

And Team Girl food!

Team Girl cotton candy.

Team Girl cupcakes.

We set out little boy/girl cutouts [again, found images on Google, traced & cut]
with blue & pink markers
and instructions to write your name on blue or pink according to your guess
then tape it to the voting board.

And one of my favorite parts!
[minus the actual reveal]...
Team Boy [mustaches] and Team Girl [lips]
photo props to take your picture of your guess!

Our little fam was all TEAM BOY.

but there was definitely a good mixture of Team Boy & Team Girl!

And how stinking cute is Jack with his mustache?
...that he kept trying to eat haha.

 He was definitely rooting for a brother!

I didn't get a picture of the finished guessing board that night
but I made sure to snap one before I took it apart the next day!
It's pretty even!

We FaceTimed my sibs who are out of state
[boo that they couldn't be there in person]
and THEN
the reveal!


It's a....

This picture definitely best portrays my excitement of another BOY!
I absolutely could not be more thrilled!

...the balloons got a little bit tangled and almost knocked the box into the spa.
Haha, oops.

I tried really hard to grab a balloon before they flew away so we could take pictures with it later.
But it wasn't meant to be.
Oh...and this is where Jack starts bawling.
I think all the clapping scared him.
Or the fact that the balloons were flying away?

Eventually Jack decided he would start celebrating with everyone else
and joined in on the clapping.

T was a little bit hesitant to find out the gender of the baby this way
but we both REALLY loved it!
The suspense made it so much fun
& it was really fun to find out along with everyone else!
Plus the balloon release was way more epic than the tech telling you boy or girl.

We are so, so excited to have a little brother for Jack who will be so close in age!
They are going to be best friends and we can't wait to have two little boys running around creating all kinds of chaos together.
Little boys rock my world.

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