Just can't get enough.

Okay, I know you are probably sick of baby outfit posts
I just can't get enough of how cute all this winter newborn stuff is!
Jack & I went birthday shopping for Daddy today
and obviously made a pit stop at Carter's to check out their newest teeny tiny baby clothes.
We were not disappointed.
I was going to show you the pictures I took on my phone then I realized the ones on the Carter's website will obviously be much better quality.
So I really did see these in-store
[and drooled over them]
even though these are just stock photos.

Bear on the bum? Oh my goodness.

I'm really obsessed with these little button-up shirts.

I have also become a little obsessed with elephants
thanks to Carter's ginormous elephant collection.

If you haven't noticed, most of these have stripes.
Because I really am obsessed with all things striped!

These little turtles <3

Can I mention that it's amazing how many people assume I must be disappointed to be having another boy?
When I mention that I'm expecting #2
[I have still only be asked that one time]
and they ask what I'm having
I say "it's another boy!"
[Jack is usually with me]
and 90% of the time they give a sad smile or make a comment like 
"I bet you were wishing for a girl."
But oh my goodness, they are SO wrong!
I was wishing for another boy!
And walking into these baby stores and seeing all these little boy clothes is like heaven to me.
Yes, I would love to have a little girl one day
[and maybe what most of these Californians don't understand is that I plan to have more children than just two...they probably all think I'm done and I'll never have a girl.]
but even if I ended up with ALL boys...I would be ecstatic!
Boys are so much fun!

I couldn't find this one online but those little elephants!
...with a striped beanie!

With most of these sets just $10 it's miraculous that I made it out of the store empty-handed.
Especially since there are always coupons for 20% off when you spent $40.
I think I could have gotten every single one of these outfits for a grand total of $56.
I was on a mission.
To buy birthday presents for Daddy.
And I was not to be distracted.

Mission accomplished.
Every single item is a birthday present for Daddy.
No baby clothes, no mommy clothes.
The next time I visit the Outlets I might not get so lucky.


  1. haha! and the outfits are all adorable!!

  2. Have you ever been to crazy 8? I know there is one in Roseville for sure. I love that store, its like gymbore, but cheaper!!! And they have great sales. I just got Rachel 2 whole outfits(tops and bottoms), and 2 shirts for $50!!!


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